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BUC250, BUC250C

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Satisfy Professional's Needs Cordless Chain Saw BUC250, BUC250C 250mm (9-7/8") ZERO LOW EASY Emission Noise Maintenance Increased cutting speed with more powerful motor ULTIMATE ENERGY Photo: BUC250

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Zero Emission Powered by Minimum Noise Pollution 86dB[A] Easy Maintenance e no need for oil replacement, t, draining fuel for storage, cleaning of air filter/muffler/spark plug, g, etc. Extra-easy to start simply by loading batte then pulling switch trig Human and Environment friend plus Minimum running cost thanks to no fuel and oil consumption The best choices for use in Resorts, Public Places and Among Residential Areas.

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Ergonomic top handle Cordless Chain Saw BUC250 250mm (9-7/8") Rubberized soft grip Front-hand-guard-activated kickback brake Positioned closer to chain blade, enabling to apply more force to chain blade and also allowing for compact design. y ery gger for non-skid operation dly - Push of front hand guard stops the blade instantaneously. - Anti-kickback guard is not needed on the tip of guide bar, increasing blade maneuverability for a wider range of applications. Electric brake stops chain blade in 1 second. Sprocket nose guide bar • The standard guide bar is cost saving more than carving...

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Photo: BUC250 Photo: BUC250 Accessories Guide bar, Chain blade & Guide bar cover Battery adapter BAP36N A: Sprocket nose guide bar Regarding BUC250/C, BAP36N has not been applicable in Europe yet, because of the requirement for regulation. *We would inform you when BAP36N would be applicable for BUC250/C. Cordless Chain Saw BUC250C 250mm (9-7/8") B: Carving guide bar Chain blade Guide bar cover Part No. Part No. 195311-7 452093-7 Guide bar Type Part No. Chain blade Type Part No. Protection of extension cord Arm band complete set A 168408-5 91VG-40E 194099-6 Part No. B 168407-7 25AP-60E...

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