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The accesory book - 152 Pages

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The accesory book

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Batteries2 Battery adaptors, radio, fan3 Battery and charger guide4 Torches6 Drilling    _8 Impact gold torsion bits34 Torsion bits, screwdriver bits34 Screwdriver bits36 Bit holders, guides and drivers 38 Auto-feed screwdrivers39 Sockets40 Caulking gun holders41 Nails43 Staples45 Air and gas45 Drilling and fixing bit sets46 Saw blades56 Makblade56 Aluminium grove cutter56 Makblade Plus57 M force    58 Makforce59 Specialized60 Saw blade accessories64 Jigsaw and recipro blades66 Jigsaw blades universal fitting    66 Reciprocating blades68 Jigsaw blades Makita fitting70 Chain...

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Sheet Profile Paint Removal Nail Embedded Wood Stainless Steel Glass Fibre Reinforced Products Non-Ferrous Metals Corrugated Sheet High Cutting Performance Insulation Material Laser Welded Laminated Board Block Wood Copper Pipe Fibre Cement Board Not Suitable For Insulation Material Hard Board Clean Cutting Engineered Wood Ceramic / Tiles Coarse Cutting Common Brick Palm Sander Brick / Stone Sheet Orbit Sander Hollow Brick Belt Sander Laminate Board Petrol Disc Cutter Sandwich Materials Reinforced Concrete Punched Abrasive Sheet Random Orbit Sander Metal / Steel Abrasive Sheet Angle Grinder...

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Price: £24.50 Price: £12.10 Price: £18.40 Price: £26.50 UMBILICAL ADAPTOR BAP24 Umbilical battery adaptor for Makstar 24v batteries BATTERIES: ADAPTORS BAP36N Umbilical battery adaptor for Li-ion 36v batteries BL3626 BAP182 Umbilical battery adaptor. Accepts x2 18v li-ion batteries. BATTERY CONVERTER Jigsaw & Recipro BCV01 Umbilical battery adaptor. Accepts x2 18v li-ion batteries to convert to one 36v battery. BATTERY CONVERTER BAP36 Umbilical battery adaptor for Makstar 36v batteries BCV03 Accepts x2 18v li-ion batteries to convert to one 36v battery. Not compatible with BHR261. Multi...

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Minute Charge Minute Charge Minute Charge Minute Charge Minute Charge Minute Charge Minute Charge Multi Tool Bonded Abrasives Flap Discs Coated Abrasives Router Cutters Dust Extraction Minute Charge Tool Holders Jigsaw & Recipro Minute Charge Minute Charge Battery capacity measured in line with battery directive 2006/66/EC and EU regulations 11/03/2010. Li-ion IEC61960. For information on other Makita batteries please visit our website: Ground Maintenance

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BATTERIES: RADIO, FAN, TORCHES RADIOS AND FANS 10.8v CXT LI-ION RADIO MR052 FM/AM Radio / AUX in BCF050 1.2m connecting cord elastic helmet strap with 3 anti-slip silicone pads Air speed High and Low. TUBE TORCHES TUBE 14.4v / 18v LI-ION TORCH Price: £43.50 LED 14.4v / 18v LI-ION TORCH DML801 14.4v 6 x LED Li-ion Florescent torch 18v 12 x LED Li-ion Florescent torch DML806 14.4v and 18v 20 x LED Li-ion Florescent torch 20 x LED full power / 10 x LED half power DML803 Li-ion umbilical with clothing clip LED 10.8v LI-ION GRAB LIGHT ML102 Li-ion two way lantern / torch LED 7.2v LI-ION GRAB...

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BATTERIES: TORCHES LED WORKLIGHT illuminance 1x Luminous Flux 1x 0.5m from light 1m from light 20 x 0.5W LED High 1,150 / Low: 750 High 300 / Low 200 High 750 / Low: 450 DML805 • 360° adjustable knob enables the light section to be rotated 360° up and down • Battery capacity warning function • 1/4” thread Can be mounted on optional tripod or vice Multi Tool Bonded Abrasives BULB TORCHES Price: £39.50 BULB 14.4v TORCH ML140 BULB 14.4v TORCH RADIO ML141 Price: £33.00 BULB 9.6v TORCH BULB 14.4v LI-ION TORCH Price: £34.00 BULB 12v TORCH Router Cutters Coated Abrasives BULB 18v LI-ION TORCH Flap...

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HSS Metal Drill Bits Series Titanium HSS Colbalt HSS Life 100 150    200    250    300 GROUND POINT HSS HSS Ground Point Ground point drill bits suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, offering good drilling speeds and extended working life. Available in 1.5mm - 13mm singular or in multipacks. GROUND POINT HSS MULTIPACK 10PC PACKS Multipack Ground Point HSS drills 1.5mm - 8mm 10pc pack 8.5mm - 13mm 5pc pack Specification as above.

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Performance Ground Point straight shank These bits have a 118° ground point for fast and accurate drilling. They are milled from a solid steel form which means a higher level of strength and precision. Ideal for use on steel, cast iron, aluminium, malleable cast iron, brass and copper aided with a helicoidal flute to improve swarf discharge. PERFORMANCE GROUND POINT HSS MULTIPACK 10PC PACKS 6PC HSS PERFORMANCE GROUND POINT SET 10PC HSS PERFORMANCE GROUND POINT SET 19PC HSS PERFORMANCE GROUND POINT DRILL SET 1-10mm in 0.5mm increments - metal case Specially designed for drilling holes for...

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Titanium HSS Titanium nitride coated for extended working life. V” hex shank suitable for quick change chuck systems and hex receivers. Diameters from 3 - 13mm. Kits are round shank. 19PC TITANIUM PLATED HSS BIT SET P-30813    1-10    35-130    Straight Shank 16PC TITANIUM PLATED HSS BIT SET P-51873    1.5-10    40 - 130    Straight Shank Cobalt straight shank HSS drill bits, to DIN338 featuring M35 steel with 5% cobalt content. This means the bit is stronger and lasts longer when compared to a traditional one. A 118° point reduces the risk of the bit slipping with a high...

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PERFORMANCE FLAT BIT Performance Flat-Bit Ideal for most types of wood, hard or soft. A flat-bit with a grooved head for improved centring and discharge and a hexagon shank that prevents chuck slippage. Available up to 35mm diameter and in 150mm or 300mm length. STANDARD LENGTH STANDARD 3 POINT WOOD BITS |< v_ _ |< 3 Point Wood Bits straight shank These bits are excellent when applied to hard or soft wood. They have a polished steel body with a centering point. STANDARD LENGTH STANDARD 3 POINT WOOD BITS HEX FITTING |<    L2    >| W Hexagon shank bits A new development in power tools is the...

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