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WB/PB 15 Data Sheet UmagtrolWB/PB 15 Series Eddy-Current and Powder Dynamometers Magtrol offers three types of dynamometer brakes to absorb load: Hysteresis, Eddy-Current and Magnetic Powder. Each type of Dynamometer has advantages and limitations and choosing the correct one will depend largely on the type of testing to be performed. With over 50 models to choose from, Magtrol Sales professionals are readily available to assist in selecting the proper Dynamometer to meet your testing needs. FEATURES • 7 Models with Maximum Torque from 140 N-m to 1200 N-m (103 lb-ft to 885 lb-ft) • Braking Power: 12 kW to 140 kW • Stable Braking Torque, without Shock • Low Moment of Inertia • Low Residual Torque • Operation in Either Rotational Direction • Braking Torque Measurement Included • High Rotational Speed • Rated Torque Available From Zero Speed (Powder Dynamometers) • Integrated Optical Speed Sensor DESCRIPTION Eddy-Current Brake Dynamometers (WB series) are ideal for applications requiring high speeds and also when operating in the middle to high power range. Eddy-Current Brakes provide increasing torque as the speed increases, reaching peak torque at rated speed. The dynamometers have low inertia as a result of small rotor diameter. Brake cooling is provided by a water circulation system, which passes inside the stator to dissipate heat generated by the braking power. The water cooling in the WB provides high continuous power ratings (max. 140 kW). Powder Brake Dynamometers (PB series) are ideal for applications operating in the low to middle speed range or when operating in the middle to high torque range. Powder Brakes provide full torque at zero speed and are water-cooled, allowing for power ratings up to 48 kW. Both WB and PB Dynamometers have accuracy ratings of ±0.3% to ±0.5% full scale, depending on size and system configuration. APPLICATIONS Mounted on test benches, WB/PB 15 Series Dynamometers allow performance and reliability testing on driving elements such as electric motors, combustion engines, servomotors, geared motors, reduction gears, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic transmission systems, starter motors, electromagnetic clutches, gas turbines and turbocompressors. MOTOR TESTING SYSTEMS Magtrol’s M-TEST 7 Software is a state-of-the-art motor testing program for Windows®-based data acquisition. Used with a Magtrol DSP7000 Programmable Dynamometer Controller, Magtrol M-TEST 7 Software provides the control of any Magtrol Eddy-Current or Powder Brake Dynamometer and runs test sequences in a manner best suited to the overall accuracy and efficiency of the Magtrol Motor Test System. The data that is generated by Magtrol’s Motor Testing Software can be stored, displayed and printed in tabular or graphic formats, and can be easily imported into a spreadsheet. Written in LabVIEW™, M-TEST 7 has the flexibility to test a majority of motor types in a variety of ways. Because of LabVIEW’s versatility, obtaining data from other sources (e.g. thermocouples), controlling motor power and providing audio/visual indicators is relatively easy. Magtrol’s M-TEST 7 Software is ideal for simulating loads, cycling the unit under test and motor ramping. Because it is easy to gather data and duplicate tests, the software is ideal for use in engineering labs. Tests can be programmed to run on their own and saved for future use allowing for valuable time savings in production testing and incoming/outgoing inspection.

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System Configurations Single Dynamometer Configurations The Dynamometers can be complemented by various electronic modules such as the DES 411 Power Supply, TSC 401 Torque/ Speed Conditioner and DSP7000 High Speed Programmable Dynamometer Controller. Eddy-Current (WB) OR Powder Brake (PB) Dynamometer Torque Excitation DSP7001 Dynamometer Controller PC M-TEST USB Magtrol also offers In-Line Torque Transducers, which employ a unique non-contact differential transformer torque measuring technology providing extremely accurate torque and speed measurement with superior electrical noise...

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Eddy-current dynamometer OPERATING PRINCIPLES The WB Eddy-Current Dynamometers develop their full power at high rotation speeds. The 15 Series is particularly intended for motors which rotate at high speeds, up to 7500 rpm. The braking torque depends on the rotation speed. WB dynamometer ratings Rated Torque Drag Torque De-energized Nominal Input Inertia Rated Power Rated Speed Excitation Current* * Voltage at 20 °C is 45 volts. ** For continuous operating (≥ 2 hours) at constant torque or power, please consider 20% reserve in both torque & power. Optical Speed Sensor Cooling Water...

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Powder dynamometer OPERATING PRINCIPLES The PB Powder Dynamometers contain, as their name suggests, a magnetic powder. The electrical current passing through the coil generates a magnetic field, which changes the property of the powder, thus producing a smooth braking torque through friction between rotor and stator. The Powder Dynamometers (PB) produce their rated torque at zero speed. The element to be tested can be loaded at standstill to determine the starting torque. PB dynamometer ratings Rated Torque Drag Torque De-energized Nominal Input Inertia kg·m² Rated Power Rated Speed *...

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Single Dynamometer Dimensions T (removable calibration arm) X 510 mm (for N·m)* * Use outer groove to achieve calibration in N·m when using weight in kg Cooling water connection Ø 22 mm (≈0.87 in) NOTE: Original dimensions are in Metric units. Dimensions converted to English units have been rounded up to 2 decimal places. Model 1 WB 15 / 1 PB 15

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Tandem Specifications Tandem OPERATING PRINCIPLES Because the characteristics of the WB and PB dynamometers are complementary, Magtrol is able to offer them mounted in a tandem setup. Each dynamometer (WB and PB) can autonomously operate according to its own characteristics. An electromagnetic clutch is needed for this application which automatically switches off at the maximum speed of the PB Powder Dynamometer and automatically switches on at zero speed. tandem dynamometer ratings Rated Torque Drag Torque De-energized N·m 8.8 Rated Power Nominal Input Inertia Rated Max. Excitation Speed...

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