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Motor Testing & Sensors Torque Sensors, Brakes & Clutches Dynamometers, Electronics & Fixtures, Custom Motor Test Systems & Solutions Data Acquisition & Testing Software

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Magtrol Group William A. III MULROY President Magtrol, Inc. located in Buffalo, New York, USA, is the company’s headquarters as well as a manufacturing facility. Founded in 1953 by John E. Duncan, a pioneer in magnetic hysteresis phenomena, the company quickly gained recognition in the field of measurement technology. Magtrol S.A. is located in Rossens, Switzerland. Founded in 1952, the company evolved from the Instrumentation Division of Vibro-Meter (today Meggitt S.A.). Since then, Magtrol Inc. has continued to innovate and become a world-class leader in Motor Testing Solutions,...

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Torque Sensors ROBUST AND ACCURATE IN-LINE TORQUE TRANSDUCERS Torque Sensor development and manufacturing have been a part of our production range since the origin of the company in 1952. Over the years, Magtrol has continued to build on our core technology to meet the needs of an ever changing global market. Today, Magtrol's in-line torque transducers have achieved a leading position in the torque measurement market. Our sensors are internationally renowned for their high stability and reliability over time. Magtrol’s torque transducers offer the highest overload capability on the market....

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Torque Sensors Torque Sensors Torque Sensors In-Line Torque Transducers Reliable, accurate, proven and highly tolerant Torque Sensors Lastest generation of In-Line Torque Transducers Magtrol’s In-Line Torque Transducers provide extremely accurate torque and speed measurement over a very broad range. Each model has an integrated conditioning electronic module providing a ±5 V DC (±10 V DC) torque output and an open collector speed output. Magtrol Torque Transducers are very reliable, providing high overload protection, excellent long term stability and high noise immunity. Magtrol’s...

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Torque Sensors Torque Sensors Torque Flange Sensors Easy to install, non-contact measurement, highly resistant Reaction Torque Sensors Compact and robust transducer for static torque measurement With its compact, bearingless, maintenance-free design, the TF Torque Flange Sensor from Magtrol brings many appealing advantages to torque measurement applications. The TF’s high torsional rigidity supports direct mounting on the machine shaft or flange, avoiding the use of couplings on one side. This allows easy integration into a test system, shortens the overall length of the test bench and...

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Torque Sensors Torque Sensors Cogging Torque System Versatile and portable torque display device Smart All-in-One System to analyze cogging torque on motor Magtrol’s MODEL 3411 - Torque Display is designed for use with all Magtrol TS, TM, TMHS, TMB and TF Torque Transducers. This easy-to-use device powers the transducer and utilizes high speed processing to display torque, speed and mechanical power. It includes a tare function to help offset any slight residuals caused by couplings or suspended loads. The MODEL 3411 may also be used with any torque sensors requiring 24 V DC power (500 mA...

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Torque Sensors Torque Sensors TORQUE Measurement Software CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN TORQUE SYSTEM ! User-friendly software for quick torque measurements Magtrol’s TORQUE Software is an easy to use Windows® executable program, used to automatically collect torque, speed, mechanical power and angle data from Magtrol TS & TM Series Torque Sensors or Magtrol TF Series Torque Flange Sensors by using MODEL 3411 Torque Display. The data can be printed, displayed graphically or quickly saved/exported as a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet. Magtrol Torque Sensors can be connected in various configurations. It...

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Callibration Laboratory LABORATORY'S GENERAL FEATURES ▪ In-house torque calibration from 100 mN·m to 50 000 N·m ▪ Accredited by SAS (Swiss Accreditation Service), NIST equivalent * ▪ Best Measurement Uncertainty of 0.01 % ▪ Calibration of any torque sensor brand ▪ Calibration according to Euramet cg14 method or Factory Calibration method by «Magtrol» ** ▪ Fast Turn-Around-Time (TAT), providing calibration time has been pre-determined. * Magtrol’s calibration laboratory is internationally recognized by ilac-MRA (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation – Mutual Recognition...

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Industrial Brakes Pole Structure Shaft Field Coil HYSTERESIS BRAKES The hysteresis effect in magnetism is applied to torque control by the use of two basic components (a reticulated pole structure and a specialty steel rotor/shaft assembly) fastened together but not in physical contact. Until the field coil is energized, the drag cup can spin freely on the ball bearings. When a magnetizing force from either a field coil or magnet is applied to the pole structure, the air gap becomes a flux field. The rotor is magnetically restrained, providing a braking action between the pole structure and...

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Industrial Brakes Industrial Brakes SERIES Hysteresis  SERIES Compressed-Air-Cooled Hysteresis and Matched Hysteresis Brakes Hysteresis Brake mounted on a base plate and cooled by means of compressed air In tension control applications that have multiple webs or multiple strands, it is very desirable to match the tension of each web or strand. This is most commonly attained by using a closed-loop servo control system which controls current to a braking device through the use of dancer arms, follower arms and in-line tension transducers. The problem with such systems is that each web or...

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Industrial Brakes Industrial Brakes  SERIES Blower-Cooled Hysteresis Brake mounted on a base plate and cooled by means of a blower Base Mounted Brakes Hysteresis Brake mounted on a base plate and cooled by convection When torque control/torque measurement must be performed at the highest possible power, Magtrol BHB Series Hysteresis Brakes are ideal. This design allows for continuous power ratings up to 6 000 watts (7 000 watts intermittent). Magtrol pioneered the technology of applying the principles of hysteresis to meet the critical needs for reliable, smooth and adjustable torque...

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