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ENGINE DYNAMOMETERS MAGTROL offers 3 types of dynamometer brakes to absorb load: Hysteresis (HD Series), Eddy-Current (WB Series) and Magnetic Powder (PB Series). Each type of Dynamometer has advantages and limitations and choosing the correct one will depend largely on the type of testing to be performed. With over 50 standard models to choose from, Magtrol Sales professionals are readily available to assist in selecting the proper Dynamometer to meet your testing needs. FEATURES ▪ Maximum Torque: 55 ... 250 lb·in (6.5 N·m ... 28 N·m) ▪ Hysteresis Braking System ▪ Motor Testing: from no load to locked rotor ▪ Standard Torque Units : SI (English & Metric available upon request) ▪ Accuracy: ± 0.25 % (full scale) ▪ Blower Cooled: to maximize heat dissipation ▪ Air Flow Sensor: for protection against overheating and operator error ▪ Specially Reinforced Load Cell: stainless steel pin at contact point prevents premature wear from excess vibration ▪ Larger Shaft: for additional strength ▪ Gusseted Pillow Blocks: for additional front and rear support With Magtrol’s Engine Dynamometers, high performance motor testing is available to manufacturers and users of small engines. Magtrol’s Engine Dynamometers have been designed to address the severe, high vibration conditions inherent in internal combustion engine testing. The Engine Dynamometers are ideally suited for emissions testing as set forth in CARB and EPA Clean Air Regulations. The Dynamometers will offer superior performance on the production line, at incoming inspection or in the R&D lab. Magtrol’s Engine Dynamometers are highly accurate (± 0.25 % of full scale) and can be controlled either manually or via a PC based Controller. For a small engine test stand, Magtrol offers a full line of controllers, readouts and software. As with all Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometers, engine loading is provided by Magtrol’s Hysteresis Brake, which provides: torque independent of speed, including full load at 0  rpm; excellent repeatability; frictionless torque with no wearing parts (other than bearings); and long operating life with low maintenance. © 2020 MAGTROL | Due to continual product development, Magtrol reserves the right to modify specific

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ED Series | Engine Dynamometers - 2

ED SERIES DYNAMOMETER SELECTION Magtrol’s Hysteresis Dynamometers cover a wide range of Torque, Speed and Mechanical Power ratings. To select the appropriate size Dynamometer for your motor testing needs, you will need to determine the Maximum Torque, Speed and Power applied to the Dynamometer. MAXIMUM TORQUE The Magtrol Hysteresis Absorption Dynamometer will develop braking torque at any speed point, including low speed and stall conditions ("0" rpm). It is important to consider all torque points that are to be tested, not only rated torque, but also locked rotor and breakdown torque....

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ED Series | Engine Dynamometers - 3

ED SERIES SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONS OPEN LOOP SYSTEMS Magtrol offers both open loop manual test systems and PCbased closed loop test systems. A typical open loop system will consist of a Dynamometer and a Magtrol DSP 7000 Dynamometer Controller. A Magtrol Single or Three-Phase Power Analyzer, which allows for the capturing of volts, amps, watts and power factor, can be included as an option. An open loop system is often used for quick pass / fail testing on the production line or at incoming inspection. Magtrol’s DSP 7000 Dynamometer Controller provides pass / fail testing as a standard...

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ED Series | Engine Dynamometers - 4

ED SERIES SPECIFICATIONS HYSTERESIS DYNAMOMETER RATINGS MODELS MAXIMUM TORQUE RANGE DRAG TORQUE DE-ENERGIZED AT 1 000 rpm TORQUE MEASURE a) UNIT CODE NOMINAL INPUT INERTIA MAXIMUM SPEED BRAKE COOLING METHOD a) All -5C dynamometers are 5 Volt Output. c) Operating at the continuous power rating for periods of up to 4 hours is acceptable. However, operating for extended periods at high temperatures will result in premature component and bearing failure. Limiting the length of the cycle and the component temperatures will guard against premature failure. Where continuous duty is desired for...

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ED Series | Engine Dynamometers - 5

ED SERIES DIMENSIONS SHAFT END DETAIL (2:1) Q R BLOWER (included) NOTE: Original dimensions are in English units. Dimensions converted to Metric units have been rounded and are for reference only. a) These dimensions represent the distance between mounting holes. There are four (4) mounting holes on each base plate. BLOWERS ▪ Models ED‑715 include the BL‑001 blower. BLOWER POWER MODEL Dynamometer Brake Air Outlet Allow approximately 6 in to 8 in (152 mm to 203 mm) between rear of dynamometer base plate and blower for connection hardware. Required hardware is supplied with the dynamometer. ▪...

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ED Series | Engine Dynamometers - 6

ED SERIES CUSTOM MOTOR TEST SYSTEM HD Series Hysteresis Dynamometers can be incorporated into a Customized Motor Test System (CMTS). Heavy-duty Equipment Rack Fully customizable (19" rack standards) These systems integrate specific software (such as M-TEST) to facilitate the measurement process. AMF - Adjustable Motor Fixture (optional touchscreen) Command Panel These PC based, turn-key systems are custom designed and built to meet specific user requirements. Various devices such as dynamometer controllers, power analyzers or other customized devices can be easily integrated into a 19" rack...

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ED Series | Engine Dynamometers - 7

ED SERIES SYSTEM OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES DSP 7000 - HIGH-SPEED PROGRAMMABLE DYNAMOMETER CONTROLLERS MODEL 7500 - POWER ANALYZERS Magtrol’s Model DSP  7000 High Speed Programmable Dynamometer Controller employs state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing Technology to provide superior motor testing capabilities. Designed for use with any Magtrol Hysteresis, Eddy-Current or Powder Dynamometer, Magtrol In-Line Torque Transducer or auxiliary instrumentation, the DSP  7000 can provide complete PC control via the USB or optional IEEE-488 or RS-232 interface. With up to 500 readings per second, the...

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