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Model T10 Cable Mounted Float Level - 1

• Water and wastewater • PVC compatible caustics • PVC compatible chemicals • PVC compatible acids DESCRIPTION The Magnetrol® Model T10 float level switch offers industrial and municipal users a low-cost solution to wide differential level applications. The moving ballast causes a flipping motion of the float to provide positive switching action even under turbulent conditions. Recommended for use in either clean or dirty liquids, it is ideal for use in sump control, wet well applications and pilot systems. FEATURES • Differential band 20, 40, or 60 feet (determined by cable length) • May be wired for automatic fill or empty cycles • Dry contact switch mechanism • Cable CSA (SJTO) approved • Switch chatter eliminated with moving ballast • Single float with simple control circuit eliminates the need for latching devices or double switching with two units • Specific gravity range of 0.6 to 1.5 • Positive switching action—even in turbulent conditions • Cable anchoring point protected by adjustable strain relief • All PVC exposed components make it resistant to water-based chemicals • Mounts easily by cable tie (included) or optional cable weight Model T10-5104-020 is available for quick shipment, usually within one week after factory receipt of a complete purchase order, through the Expedite Ship Plan (ESP)

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Model T10 Cable Mounted Float Level - 2

Switch type Process temperature Ambient temperature Specific gravity Maximum float switch current Maximum float switch voltage Float switch ratings DC (resistive & inductive): AC (resistive & inductive): Horse power: Minimum contact life: Differential band Materials of construction Cable size SPDT dry contact +140 °F (+60 °C) maximum +32 to +140 °F (0 to +60 °C) 0.6 minimum / 1.5 maximum 12A @ +32 to +86 °F (0 to + 30 °C); subtract 0.6A for every +9° F (+5° C) rise above +86° F (+30° C) 250 VDC / 250 VACRMS 12A maximum @ 0 to 50V, +32 to +86 °F (0 to +30 °C) 0.6A/0.3A @ 125V/250 12A maximum...

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Model T10 Cable Mounted Float Level - 3

T10 level switch may be mounted by using cable ties included with the unit, or by the optional cable weight which must be purchased separately. CAUTION: The recommended method of carrying the T10 is by the cable. The unique moving ballast in the unit may cause it to unexpectedly flip out of the individual’s hands. Cable weight method (optional) Cable tie method (standard) A pipe or other structure must be available in the tank to which the plastic cable tie may be affixed. Refer to Figure 7. Position the adjustable strain relief on the cable to allow one-half of the distance of the...

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Model T10 Cable Mounted Float Level - 4

The T10 float level switch may be wired for fill or empty pump control functions or as a high or low level alarm. Wire according to the terminal connection drawing below. CAUTION: 1. 2. 3. 4. The unused wire (third wire) must be electrically insulated. Do not fasten electrical cable onto rough or sharp surfaces. Use only on equipment with thermal overload protection. Consult local codes for proper application. FOR EMPTY PUMP CONTROL OR HIGH ALARM FUNCTIONS Connect the blue and black wires. FOR FILL PUMP CONTROL OR LOW ALARM FUNCTIONS Line In Line Out to Load Close on High / Open on Low...

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