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Guided Wave Radar - 1

Advanced Guided Wave Radar Transmitter for Level Measurement and Control

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Guided Wave Radar - 2

Guided Wave Radar Magnetrol® pioneered guided wave radar (GWR) by introducing the ECLIPSE® Model 705 two-wire, loop-powered transmitter for use in industrial liquid level applications. GWR offered users a powerful way to measure and control challenging media and process variations with unprecedented performance. Over the years, our engineers continued to drive GWR innovation with the release of the first high-temperature, high-pressure probe; the first patented steam probe; the first interface transmitter; and culminating in the incorporation of GWR into a patented Aurora® MLI chamber to...

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Guided Wave Radar - 3

• An Introduction to Guided Wave Radar Technology 4 • ECLIPSE Model 706 Transmitter 5 • Remote Transmitter Configurations 7 • Overfill Capable Probes 8 • Configuration and Troubleshooting Software (DTM) 9 • General and Performance Specifications 10 • ECLIPSE Model 706 Probe Offering Overview 11 MAGNETROL International Incorporated - a global leader in level and flow control technology - designs, manufactures, markets and services level and flow instrumentation worldwide. MAGNETROL product groups are based upon these technologies: • Contact Ultrasonic • Non-Contact Ultrasonic • Guided Wave...

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Guided Wave Radar - 4

An Introduction to Guided Wave Radar Technology When MAGNETROL introduced guided wave radar technology to liquid level applications for the process industry, it filled a critical need of providing exceptionally robust level measurement under challenging process conditions. Guided wave radar continues to deliver premier performance because it is virtually unaffected by density variance, as well as media conditions where turbulence, vaporization, foaming, boiling and flashing can occur. Principle of Operation Guided wave radar functions according to the principle of time domain reflectometry...

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Guided Wave Radar - 5

ECLIPSE Model 706 Transmitter Advanced GWR Transmitter for Level Measurement The ECLIPSE Model 706 transmitter has taken GWR to the next level with a strong, accurate signal, powerful diagnostics and an extensive probe offering. With a very broad installed base of transmitters operating worldwide, ECLIPSE has demonstrated the ability to provide accurate and reliable measurement at a performance level that surpasses many traditional technologies. This is due to the efficiency of guided wave radar technology and the ECLIPSE Model 706’s broad range of sensing probes designed to meet the...

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Guided Wave Radar - 6

ECLIPSE Model 706 Transmitter Advanced GWR Transmitter for Level Measurement High Performance, Low Power The ECLIPSE Model 706 transmitter is an advanced two-wire, 24 VDC, loop-powered transmitter. Microprocessor-based circuitry controls the measurement engine and provides an analog 4-20 mA signal with HART® or FOUNDATION fieldbus™ digital communication output. Using GWR technology, ECLIPSE measurement performance is not process-dependent; therefore, changing specific gravity and dielectric constant have little or no effect on measurement accuracy. The measurement engine of ECLIPSE is...

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Guided Wave Radar - 7

Superior Signal Performance Breakthrough innovation in the transmitter GWR circuitry allows the Model 706 to achieve both a higher transmit pulse amplitude and improved receiver sensitivity, resulting in superior signal-to-noise ratio as compared to competitive GWR devices. While GWR options on the market today promote the amplitude (size) of transmitted radar pulse, a far more important parameter in reliable level measurement in difficult applications is the overall signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The MAGNETROL ECLIPSE Model 706 uses an innovative design concept called Diode Switched Front...

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Guided Wave Radar - 8

Overfill Capable Probes A unique feature to the ECLIPSE Model 706 transmitter is the Overfill Capability of many of the probes in its offering. Although European agencies like WHG or VLAREM certify Overfill Proof protection, defined as the tested, reliable operation when the transmitter is used as an overfill alarm, it is assumed in their analysis that the installation is designed in such a way that the vessel or side-mounted cage cannot physically overfill. Experience has shown us that there are practical applications where a GWR probe can be completely flooded with level all the way up to...

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Guided Wave Radar - 9

Diagnostics The ECLIPSE Model 706 takes the user interface experience to new levels of convenience and functionality. The LCD diagnostics convey critical real-time waveform and trend data with outstanding ease of use. Can be programmed to automatically capture waveform data by time or by event occurrence. 4-button user interface and graphical LCD display provide enhanced depth of data, indicating on-screen waveforms and troubleshooting tips. Conforms to NE 107 standards. Configuration and Troubleshooting Software (DTM) A fully redesigned and upgraded DTM puts real-time and historical trend...

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Guided Wave Radar - 10

ECLIPSE Model 706 Transmitter Specifications System Design Measurement Principle Environment Guided time of flight via Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Input Measured Variable Span Level, as determined by GWR time of flight 6 inches to 100 feet (15 to 3048 cm) Output Type 4 to 20 mA with HART: 3.8 mA to 20.5 mA useable (per NAMUR NE43) FOUNDATION fieldbus: H1 (ITK 6.1.1), Modbus Resolution Analog: 0.003mA, Digital: 1 mm Loop Resistance 591 ohms @ 24 VDC and 22 mA Diagnostic Alarm Adjustable: 3.6 mA, 22 mA, or HOLD (complies with NAMUR NE 43) Diagnostic Indication Damping Adjustable 0 –10...

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Guided Wave Radar - 11

ECLIPSE Model 706 Probe Offering Overview Overfill Capable/Interface Probes • Coaxial - Standard Model 7yT - High Pressure Model 7yP - High Temperature High Pressure Model 7yD - Saturated Steam Model 7yS Standard general purpose coaxial probe for clean applications Coaxial probe for high pressure applications Coaxial probe for high temperature applications Coaxial probe for saturated steam applications • Caged Coaxial - Standard Model 7yG - High Pressure Model 7yL - High Temperature High Pressure Model 7yJ Standard general purpose singe rod probe for external chamber applications Single rod...

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