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The Total Spectrum of Solutions Magnetrol® products employ many technologies for the measurement and control of level and flow. Buoyancy technology, with its utilization of float and displacer sensing elements, represents our most time-tested product group. To this day, buoyancy technology provides optimum solutions for many of today’s level control challenges.

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agnetrol® International, Incorporated—a world leader in level and flow control technology— designs, manufactures, markets and services level and flow instrumentation worldwide. Magnetrol® product groups are based upon these technologies: • Air Sonar • Buoyancy • Guided Wave Radar • Pulse Burst Radar • RF Capacitance • Thermal Dispersion • Vibration • Visual Indicators • Petroleum Production • Petroleum Refining • Power Generation • Chemical • Water & Wastewater • Pulp & Paper • Food & Beverage • Pharmaceutical • Buoyancy Level Controls • Buoyancy Advantages and Limitations • Vertical Float...

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Buoyancy Level Controls Vertical Float he application of buoyancy principles to the challenges of liquid level measurement and control is one of the oldest and most reliable solutions available in the process control industry. The key to the success of buoyancy instruments is the means by which the motion of the liquid and, therefore, the float or displacer is converted into the desired level control action. Magnetrol® incorporates the optimal features into its level switches while providing repeatable, dependable performance. The result of completely isolating the process environment from...

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Horizontal Float A horizontal float switch, often called a side mounted Displacer Switches While taking advantage of the same buoyancy and unit, operates much like a vertical float. It utilizes the same components, float, stem, sleeve, enclosing tube, magnetic coupling principles as float switches, displacer level switches utilize a precision range spring to con- slightly different manner. The lower float stem pivots vert the change in buoyancy force to movement of an attraction sleeve. Because the displacer is weighted, on a fulcrum. This means that as the float rises, the it hangs into...

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Buoyancy Level Controls Displacer Transmitters As with displacer switches, the change in buoyancy spring compresses or elongates, the core moves within force on a range spring is converted to motion in a dis- the LVDT windings, inducing currents in the secondary placer transmitter. This motion is used to produce an windings. This information is processed and output as a output proportional to the change in liquid level. The 4–20 mA proportional signal. In addition, the E3 super- pneumatic Modulevel® has a sleeve that attracts a follower imposes a HART® compatible signal on the 4–20 mA...

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Magnetrol® Buoyancy Products he chart below summarizes the principle features of the leading MAGNETROL buoyancy products. A green dot (•) indicates a standard feature; a red triangle (L) indicates an optional feature. ge au G s el he ev ® L itc w ra es ro rS ile itch Au Bo Sw s he ow itc Fl Sw es 1 h TK witc s I S he ® I itc ffy w Tu t S hes oa itc Fl w nt es tS ou loa itch M F Sw es de unt er tch Si o i ac M pl p Sw es To Dis er h c itc nt la ou isp t Sw es M h D oa p e l itc To ag e F Sw ic C at ag s 3 al lC rn um rie te rna ne E3 Se Ex ® P te l el Ex ita ig ev ul ® D od vel e ul od M...

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E3 MODULEVEL® Electronic Transmitter Advanced Level Control The E3 MODULEVEL level transmitter is an advanced, intrinsically-safe, two-wire instrument that converts liquid level changes into a stable output signal. It has microprocessor-based electronics with HART compatible output or FOUNDATION fieldbus™ with a PID block. E3 supports the FDT/DTM standard and PACTware™ PC software package. • Two-wire, loop-powered, transmitter for level, interface or density measurement • No level change needed for configuration; no field calibration necessary. • Suitable for use in Safety Integrity Level...

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MODULEVEL® Pneumatic Controller High Reliability in Temperature and Pressure Extremes The pneumatic MODULEVEL is a highly reliable liquid level controller using continuous displacement technology. The output signals are in direct proportion to changes in liquid level. The pneumatic MODULEVEL uses the MAGNETROL proven magnetic coupling design for optimum performance at extreme temperature and pressure. • Range spring design provides stable output signal even on turbulent level, reducing valve wear. • Head rotates 360° for ease of installation and positioning. • NEMA 3R controller head is...

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SERIES 3 Liquid Level Switches ASME B31.1 and B31.3 Conformance-Certified Switches MAGNETROL Series 3 float- displacer-actuated external cage level switches are designed, constructed, tested and certified to ASME B31.1, Power Piping Code or ASME B31.3, Process Piping Code. Measurement Principle: Vertical float- or displacer-actuated level switch. • Construction to NACE MR0175 and MR0103 optional • Sealed and flanged top external chambers • Broad selection of switch types • Single or multiple switch points • Exotic materials of construction available • Can be modified for interface service •...

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EXTERNAL CAGE Liquid Level Switches Reliability in Sealed or Flanged Top External Chambers The MAGNETROL external cage float- and displacer-actuated level switches have been industry standards for decades. With 28 basic models from which to choose, these self-contained instruments provide time-proven solutions to a wide range of level control applications. Measurement Principle: Vertical float- or displacer-actuated level switch. • Sealed and flanged top external chambers • Broad selection of switch types • Single or multiple switch points • Exotic materials of construction available • Can...

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