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Aurora® Magnetic Level indicator DESCRIPTION True Redundancy in a Single Chamber The Aurora® Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI) combines Eclipse® Guided Wave Radar (GWR) and a float-actuated visual indicator to simultaneously provide both continuous and local level indicaton. So unique is the Orion Instruments® dual redundancy within a single chambered MLI that Aurora® has been granted a U.S. patent. Why an MLI? The magnetic level indicator is an alternative to leakageprone sight glasses, a traditional but fragile means to archive visual indication of liquid level. Unlike hard-to-read sight glasses, the Aurora® visual indicator is highly visible. Maintenance on the MLI, its transmitter and switches (if so equipped), can be accomplished without breaching the vessel. FEATURES • Introduced in 1998, Eclipse® Guided Wave Radar quickly ascended to its leading role in process level measurement. GWR is favored for its easy set up, troublefree operation, measurement accuracy, and adaptability to a wide range of conditions. • The Aurora® single chamber houses the Eclipse® sensor probe and a buoyancy float, the former providing continuous measurement and the latter magnetically coupled to a visual indicator to provide local level indication. • A flag-type indicator (or a moving shuttle) visually indicates liquid level. A variety of measurement scales and indicator flag colors are available. APPLICATIONS • Feedwater heaters • Industrial boilers • Oil/water separators • Flash drums • Surge tanks • Gas chillers • Deaerators Blowdown flash tanks Hot wells Vacuum tower bottoms Alkylation units Boiler drums Propane vessels Storage tan

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Aurora® Magnetic Level Indicator - 2

TECHNOLOGY Radar Transmitter The Eclipse® transmitter continuously emits electromagnetic radar pulses directly off the liquid surface. The onboard electronics provide a real-time level output, in addition to the external visual indicator operated by the Aurora® internal float. Baffle Plate The sensor probe area is separated from the float area by a baffle plate. Vertical Float The custom float located inside the chamber is magnetically coupled to the visual indicator. The float rotates flags or moves a shuttle to indicate liquid tank level (as explained in more detail at right). the float...

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Aurora® Magnetic Level Indicator - 3

ECLIPSE® MODEL 706 GUIDED WAVE RADAR TRANSMITTER DESCRIPTION The Eclipse® Model 706 High Performance Transmitter is a loop-powered, 24 VDC level transmitter that is based upon the proven and accepted technology of Guided Wave Radar (GWR). Encompassing a number of significant engineering accomplishments, this leading edge level transmitter is designed to provide measurement performance well beyond that of many of the more traditional technologies. Utilizing patented “diode switching” technology, along with the most comprehensive probe offering on the market, this single transmitter can be...

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Vent connection Top float stop spring (standard) Wide range of process connections High level switch (optional) 316 SS scale for a variety of units: feet/inches meters/cm percent % volume custom Low level switch (optional) Broad range of alloy chambers Flag or shuttle style indicators Anodized aluminum or 316 SS indicator housing ASME code construction available: B31.1 B31.3 NACE Construction available: MR0103 MR0175 Insta-Seal™ valve Remote Eclipse® Transmitter Configuration Bottom float stop spring (standard)

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Aurora® Magnetic Level Indicator - 5

Patent Pending 1 Vacuum and sealed with double D-ring & InstaSeal™ valve 2 Double o-ring endplug ensures a reliable seal that keeps moisture out 3 All-metal high contrast powder coated or anodized flags are wider to enhance overall visibility 4 Robust 316 stainless steel enclosure designed to face the elements 5 Extruded shatter-resistant viewing window enhances visibility Dual Scale Single Scale and allows the flags to position closely to the float, enhancing the magnetic coupling Scale Options: • Feet/Inches • Meters/Millimeters • Running Inches • Percent (5 % increments) Each flag...

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Aurora® Magnetic Level Indicator - 6

ORION FLOAT TECHNOLOGY Weld ring: Secures float cap to main body. Flux ring: Absorbs magnetic energy and directs it outward. Magnets: A full array surrounds the float with a strong and consistent magnetic field. The float contained within the magnetic level indicator is perhaps the most important element of the instrument. Its structural design, volume displacement, weight, and buoyancy force are all carefully considered when a float is specified for a particular application. Our engineers have designed and tested hundreds of floats to gather the most accurate data available. We have...

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Aurora® Magnetic Level Indicator - 7

Switch options Transmitter options High temperature options High temperature insulation Low temperature options Cryogenic insulation with special polymeric frost extension Electric microswitch Electric reed switch Model JM4 Jupiter magnetostrictive (refer to Magnetrol bulletin: BE 46-148) Analog reed chain transmitter Electric or steam tracing with or without special high temperature insulation Fibreglass material

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Aurora® Magnetic Level Indicator - 8

HIGH-TEMPERATURE INSULATION Orion specializes in custom fibreglass insulation blankets for MLIs of all shapes and sizes. They are constructed with high-quality materials capable of constant contact with temperatures up to 538 °C (1000 °F). This insulation is available as personnel protection or with heat tracing options for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance. CRYOGENIC INSULATION & FROST EXTENSION To facilitate operation where the product is kept cold via chillers, refrigerants, and condensers, cryogenic insulation is provided. By insulating the MLI with a specialized...

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Aurora® Magnetic Level Indicator - 9

Mounting Arrangement: External mount probe with integral top or bottom mounted electronics OCT Reed Chain Transmitter on Aurora®

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Aurora® Magnetic Level Indicator - 10

OES-x1xx-001 Class I, Div. 1/2, Groups B, C, & D; T6 @ 80 °C; Type 4X Class II, Groups E, F, & G;T6 @ 80°C; Type 4X Class III ORS-x1xx-001 Class I, Div. 1, Groups B, C, & D; T6 @ 80 °C; Type 4X OCT-xxxx-001 Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, & D; T6 @ 80 °C; Type 4X Class II, Groups E, F, & G; T6 @ 80 °C; Type 4X Class III

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