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Magnaflux non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions are trusted by Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) manufacturers, oilfield and pipeline inspection companies, power generation companies and refineries. OCTG and safety critical components, both onshore and offshore, require periodic inspection. Integrity and reliability of drill pipe, line pipe, casing, tubing, tanks and welding are essential to ensure operational safety, reduce downtime, protect the environment and meet regulatory compliance. Y-2 AC Electromagnetic Yoke The Y-2 is an AC electromagnetic yoke, ergonomically designed to improve productivity and reduce operator arm and wrist fatigue. The yoke generates a strong AC magnetic field for the detection of surface indications during magnetic particle testing. Lightweight with an ergonomic grip and trigger, the Y-2 is designed for the rugged demands of field inspection. Featuring a field swappable cord and isolated trigger switch; the Y-2 is easily serviceable because a severed cord should not stop a job from getting done. A super-bright, white-light LED attachment is available as an optional item to help illuminate the inspection area while simultaneously magnetising the part.

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EV6000 and EV6500 Handheld LED UV Lamps Portable LED UV lamp (EV6000) and dual-light LED UV lamp (EV6500) for non-destructive testing applications. Featuring custom-designed optics, these lamps provide intense and even UV-A coverage to easily identify indications, and an integrated filter ensures minimal visible light emission to improve inspection reliability. Speed up inspection time with the widest, most even beam on the market. More Information For complete product information, refer to the Product Data Sheets available at magnaflux.eu. Faraday Road, South Dorcan Industrial Estate,...

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