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AQ-700 Series NDT Alkaline Aqueous Cleaners AQ-710 and AQ-715 are high performance aqueous cleaners designed specifically for non-destructive testing processes. They are designed for immersion, ultrasonic and spray applications. AQ-710 and AQ-715 are formulated with soil-rejecting properties, which suspend the solids in the cleaner after lifting them from the test material. When the soils have settled out and lighter greases coalesce and float, the cleaner solution can be filtered and skimmed, extending the effective lifespan of the cleaner significantly beyond an emulsion type cleaner. Aerospace Specifications Compliance • Ensure audit compliance with a cleaner specifically designed for NDT cleaning processes Outstanding Cleaning Performance • For an effective fluorescent penetrant inspection Extensive Material Compatibility • Safe to use on a wide range of materials • Rust inhibitors to protect metal surfaces from corrosion

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Designed for the Aerospace Industry AQ-710 and AQ-715 aqueous cleaners have been specifically designed to support aerospace manufacturing and MRO activities. Safely inspect aircraft components, engines, landing gears, turbines, bearings PWA 36604-Hot Corrosion, Non-Metallic, Stock Loss, Stress Corrosion Properties and Part Numbers AQ-710 pH Level Foam Level Free from Phosphates Part Numbers High Alkaline More Information Review all relevant product details and safety information before using these products. For complete product information, refer to the Product Data Sheets and Safety Data...

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