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MÄDLER GmbH Category Assortment provider / service: Power transmission, standard parts, accessories Company dates MÄDLER GmbH Tränkestraße 6-8 D-70597 Stuttgart Germany Further contact dates: See next page. Company MÄDLER®, founded 1882, is one of the leading producer and supplier of power transmission elements and standard parts. In the MÄDLER® group, there are in Germany two plants and three sales branches. The group is doing business world wide. Product range Power transmission elements, handles, DIN-parts, dampers, pneumatics, linear motion, roller bearings, gear boxes, geared motors, telescopic slides, adhesives and sealants. MÄDLER® is well known for its very extensive product range with best availability. Quality A lot of sophisticated products are produced in the both own plants in Germany. Other products are made due to german quality standards. MÄDLER®´s quality management is certificated according to DIN 9001:2015. Website On the internet at you find all products with prices and sign of availability. Use our CAD-drawings, our selection- and calculation-tools and the download-center. Make your online orders quick and comfortable. Catalog Ask for our print catalog. 872 pages with 26,500 products and a lot of additional needful information. Availability In the product range, there are round about 28,000 parts. 96% of them are available directly from stock. Shipping Normally the orders are shipped at the same day. 95% of the sendings reach our customers at the

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Made in Germany - the factory near Hamburg Dear Customers, in many countries around the world, we have responsible distributors to provide you the best service. These partners can be found at in the section Branch Offices. For countries without a distributor, please contact: MAEDLER GmbH Export-Department Traenkestrasse 6 - 8 D-70597 Stuttgart Germany MÄDLER ® branches worldwide Made in Germany - our factory in Stuttgart

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The Company On November 9th, 1882 the foundations were laid in Berlin. Bruno Mädler went self employed. He was dealing with fittings and hardware for the building industry, rivets, screws, bolts and nuts. Head office Stuttgart But business went booming fast. In 1905 the company proudly moved into their first own company building. The numbers of customers, products and employees were quickly rising. Thus in the 30ies the company had about 300 employees and was one of the leading tool building and mechanical engineering companies in Germany. The end of world war II in 1945 brought along...

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The Product Development What once started with a few hundred parts, progressed rapidly. All company areas whether trade or production schedule, driving, gearing or long-thread technology - have developed a variety that nobody would have expected. A result to be proud of, and which the about 135 MÄDLER ® employees gain from their 32,000 active customers. Then again, there is still a lot of potential left. From more than 26,500 parts in the catalogue product range, about 6,000 articles are produced by the own manufacturing companies to ensure the high quality level. The Standard Programme The...

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Custom-Made Products The modern production machinery and our team of specialised; skilled workers serve as a basis for another main part of our production: Custommade products according to drawings or your specifications, from one-off production up to large series, at a good price and with short delivery times- with perfect quality control, and flexible as today’s market demands: Spur toothed gears, gear racks, bevel gears, worm gears and worms, trapezoidal threaded spindles and nuts, splined shafts, spilned hubs and clamp collars. Our Own Production The MÄDLER ® group produces its parts at...

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Company Description - 6 ...the entire MÄDLER range with CAD files on the Internet ® We present the entire MÄDLER ® range with CAD files and MÄDLER ® info, continuously updated, on the internet. Fast access to the data, fast ordering by internet. Orders by internet, phone, fax or e-mail: We guarantee delivery at short notice. Dimensions and other information in this catalogue display the current state of technology. We reserve the right for changes. This catalogue was created with due diligence, but errors might still occur. We refuse to accept any claims in this respect. We reserve the right to...

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Please use our website at Put in a search word or part number and go directly to the product page Find the PDF-catalogue page and further information Manual instructions, certificates, safety data sheets in the section Downloads The availability of all products is shown by coloured sign Drag the mouse onto the currency-symbol to see the prices* A lot of possibilities and information:  Download of PDF catalogues in different languages.  See all our branches and distributors.  Make easily your order online and follow your parcel.  MÄDLER ®-Tools: Use our selection- and...

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MÄDLER ® - your expert for power transmission elements. Discover our wide range: Standard program: Toothed parts such as gears, racks, bevel gears, pulleys, sprockets. Locking assemblies, lead screws and nuts, splined shafts and hubs, linear motion, rolling bearings, standard parts, couplings, gearboxes and geared motors, pneumatic elements, telescopic slides. Special parts: Transmission parts according to customer samples or drawings, from single parts to large series and ready-to-install assemblies - short delivery times, competitive prices and perfect quality. Please visit our webshop at...

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