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VISOCOLOR ® tests for water analysis

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VISOCOLOR® • VISOCOLOR® Water analysis made easyVISOCOLOR® tests for water analysis • Various measuring methods and detection principles for many parameters •Visual and photometric determination • Reagent cases with individual combinations of different test kits MACHEREY-NAGEL

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VISOCOLOR ® test kits VISOCOLOR ® tests are compact and flexible test kits, which allow a chemical analysis without additional accessories and without the need for any prior experience. They are suitable for analysis in labs, in school or directly on-site. MACHEREY-NAGEL offers three product lines with different accuracies, precisions and sensitivities for universal use depending on the analytical requirement. For each product line there are colorimetric and titrimetric measuring methods to determine all important water and waste water parameters. The VISOCOLOR ® test kits can be sold...

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VISOCOLOR ® ECO Accurate and precise • Sharp color change due to separate indicator and titration solution • Compensation of turbidity and colors • Cost-efficient refill packs available Colorimetry with color chart Titration with drop counting Eva photom luation with eter PF -12 & P F-3 Color change VISOCOLOR ® HE Highest sensitivity and accuracy • Highest sensitivity (10 to 100 times) • Narrow gradation and narrowly graduated syringe • Compensation of turbidity and colors • Cost-efficient refill packs available Colorimetry with color comparison disc Titration with graduated syringe

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Innen Headline 16pt Orange_WeißHinterlegt VISOCOLOR ® reagent cases Innen Fließtext 10ptSchwarz Infinite options • Rugged cases with premium foam inlays • With and without photometer PF-12 • Pre-packed or empty cases for individual solutions for qualitative test papers and indicator papers withour color scale manuals, color scales and accessories Reagent bottles for VISOCOLOR ® alpha, ECO, HE and QUANTOFIX® Slid lid tubes for pH-Fix Aluminium tubes and snap-on lids for semi-quantitative and qualitative test papers, test strips and pH-Fix PT tubes for pH indicator papers and qualitative test...

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Maximum flexibility Compact photometer PF-12 Innen Headline 16pt -Orange_WeißHinterlegt Innen Fließtext 10ptSchwarz Adapted to our customers´ requirements the PF-12 impresses with modern design and precise analytics. More than 100 preprogrammed methods, automatic wavelenght adjustment and the intuitive user guidance allow fast and easy operation. Experience flexibility • More than 100 preprogrammed VISOCOLOR ® ECO and NANOCOLOR ® tube tests • Programmable for 20 user-defined methods • Photometric basic functions: absorbance, transmission, factor and standard Save time • Operation without...

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Program VISOCOLOR®Ordering information Test Range (visual) Acidity AC 7* (base capacity) Alkalinity AL 7* (total) Alkalinity TA 3) Alkalinity (p/m-value) Aluminum Ammonium 15* Ammonium* Ammonium 3* Ammonium* Bromine 2) 3) Calcium CA 20* Calcium* Carbonate hardness* Carbonate hardness* Carbonate hardness C 20J (p/m-value) Chloride* Chloride CL 500* Chlorine, free Chlorine 2*, free + total free Chlorine 2* Chlorine 6, free + total 2) 3) free Chlorine 6 2) 3) 0.2-7.2 mmol/L H+ 1) 0.2-7.2 mmol/L OH- 1) NEW! 0.10-5.00 mmol/L H+ see Carbonate hardness C 20 0.10-0.50 mg/L Al3+ 0.5-15 mg/L NH4+...

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Program VISOCOLOR ® Ordering information Test Range (visual) Test kit Manganese* 0.1–1.5 mg/L Mn ECO 931 038 Manganese* 0.03–0.50 mg/L Mn HE 920 055 2+ ECO 931 040 Nickel* 0.1–1.5 mg/L Ni alpha 935 065 Nitrate* 2–50 mg/L NO3– ECO 931 041 Nitrate* 1–120 mg/L NO3– alpha 935 066 Nitrite* 0.05–1.0 mg/L NO2– – ECO 931 044 Nitrite* 0.02–0.5 mg/L NO2 HE 920 063 Nitrite* 0.005–0.10 mg/L NO2– pH 5–9* pH 5.0–9.0 alpha 935 075 pH 4.0–9.0* pH 4.0–9.0 ECO 931 066 pH 4.0–10.0* pH 4.0–10.0 HE 920 074 pH 6.0–8.2 ECO – pH 6.0–8.2 2) 3) alpha 935 079 Phosphate* 2–20 mg/L PO43– ECO 931 084 Phosphate*...

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Applications Universally applicable Customized case solutions Catering to our individual customer needs is one of the great importance to MACHEREY-NAGEL. Even though our case solutions provide a high level of flexibility, we recognize that some customers may have specific requirements outside our existing case solutions. Therefore, we offer entirely individual solutions with a foam inlay designed exactly to your specifications and testing needs. Starting with a minimum of 50 cases, we can provide you with a case that perfectly fits your personal requirements. We also offer readily packed...

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