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Welcome Dear reader, we are very pleased to announce the arrival of our new rapid tests catalog, that was created from scratch. All of our tests can be found listed by parameters in the first part of the catalog. So you can directly find the correct test for your needs. In the second part of the catalog we have compiled additional details for each individual test and equipment for you. We are a successful manufacturer of water analysis- and rapid tests for more than 60 years. A continuous development has always been important to us to meet your today’s and future needs. If you have further...

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Welcome MACHEREY‑NAGEL MACHEREY-NAGEL was founded in 1911 in Dueren (Germany) as a manufacturer of special filter papers. Since then we have established ourselves as one of the world’s leading companies in the field of chemical and biomolecular analysis. In addition to our product lines for rapid tests and water analysis we offer a wide selection of products for filtration, chromatography and bioanalysis. We are able to look back on decades of experience in the field of rapid tests and water analysis. In the 1950s we launched the first generation of rapid tests, in 1976 our first...

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VISOCOLOR® alpha includes colorimetric and titrimetric tests. These are evaluated visually by comparison with a color scale or drop counting. Through the use of mixed reagents often only one reagent is required. VISOCOLOR® ECO are colorimetric and titrimetric tests that are evaluated by comparison with a color scale or drop counting. Single reagents enable accurate analysis of water ingredients. VISOCOLOR® HE are highly sensitive colorimetric and titrimetric tests. Their sensitivity is achieved by using longer measurement tubes and highly sensitive reagents. VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows Are...

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Qualitative test papers serve to check the presence or absence of chemical com‑ pounds. A change in color indicates that the concentration of the tested substance is above the detection limit. QUANTOFIX® tests trips enable semi-quantitative determinations of a variety of parameters. They can be used immediately. No additional accessories are required. NANOCOLOR® tube tests contain already pre-dosed reagents, whereby a high safety and measurement accuracy is achieved. The measurement is carried out by photometry in a test tube.

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Application areas Bromine Cadmium Calcium Carbonate hardness Chlorine dioxide Cyanuric acid DEHA Detergents Lead Magnesium Organic acids Organic complexing agents

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Application areas Carbonate hardness Chlorine dioxide Chloride Chlorine Chromium / Chromate Cobalt Cyanuric acid DEHA Fluoride Formaldehyde Hydrazine Magnesium Manganese Nitrate Nitrite Organic acids Organic complexing agents Ozone Peroxide

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Application areas Residual hardness Silica total Nitrogen

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Application areas Potassium Residual hardness Silica Silver total Hardness total Nitrogen TTC Turbidity Zinc

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Water analysis made easy NANOCOLORf® photometers by MACHEREY-NAGEL are universally applicable in all areas of water and waste water analysis. In addition to the analysis of urban and industrial waste water, drinking water, process water, surface water, ground water as well as cooling and boiler feed water, NANOCOLOR® photometers can also be used for quality control in various industries such as food and beverage industry. The complete analysis can be performed reliably and quickly with just one device. In addition to the standard methods, NANOCOLOR® photometers can also be used for special...

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NANOCOLOR® photometers

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Reliable sample digestion for photometric analysis An important step in the sample preparation for photometric water analysis is the thermal decomposition of the water sample. The heating blocks NANOCOLOR® VARIO 4 and NANOCOLOR® VARIO C2 allow a fast and safe performance of all required sample digestions in the water and wastewater analysis. Within of metal analysis, the NANOCOLOR® VARIO C2 M can be used for the digestion of larger sample volumes. This heating block has two 22 mm and eight 16 mm bores for the digestion of large sample volumes. The NANOCOLOR® VARIO HC has an integrated...

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NANOCOLOR® heating blocks NANOCOLOR® heating blocks

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Analytical quality assurance IQC (Internal quality control) Operating methods have become an approved way of system control and monitoring. The fundamental advantage is the rapid information compared to the instrumentally complex and time consuming standard methods. Further benefits are the lower de‑ mand of reagents, lower costs as well as a rapid performance of the test. The use of operating methods can reduce the amount of reference methods significantly. Internal quality control serves for the verification of the whole analytical system. This accounts for the reagents and test kits, the...

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Analytical quality assurance Analytical quality assurance Parallel measurements In parallel measurements a sample is measured simultaneously with internal operational analysis and in an external independent laboratory. This results in a direct comparison. The measurement results should thereby be safeguarded by multiple determinations. Products for quality assurance Applicable for all NANOCOLOR® tests In the inspection equipment monitoring all devices which are used in the operational analysis, are monitored and tested (e.g. photometers, heating blocks and pipettes). This is done by...

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Products for pH determination For pH determination mainly test papers and test strips are used. By simply dipping the test strip into a solution, the pH value can be determined safely. The use of different indicators causes a color reaction on the test strip. In most cases the evaluation is carried out by a comparison with a color scale. Qualitative test papers Qualitative test papers provide information on whether a particular sub‑ stance is present or not. By immersing the test paper into the sample solution a color change occurs when the concentration of the investigated substance is...

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