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NANOCOLOR Compact photometer PF-12Plus Water Analysis Increased flexibility nn Reliable – Easy handling for precise results nn Mobile – Robust and waterproof nn Versatile – ephelometric turbidity measurement and N NTU-Check

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Compact photometer PF-12Plus Increased flexibility The compact photometer PF-12Plus is tailor-made for the mobile water analysis, to evaluate our proven MACHEREY-NAGEL VISOCOLOR® ECO tests and our NANOCOLOR® tube tests. The icon-based user guidance and the new task bar turn the PF-12Plus into a user friendly, easy and intuitively operated photometer for all scope of applications in water and waste water analysis. The delivery is carried out in a robust case, equipped with helpful accessories, allowing for an analysis directly at the point of interest. Save time – make work easier The...

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Compact photometer PF-12Plus Minimize errors – experience precision An 860 nm LED enables the nephelometric turbidity measurement in the range of 1–1000 NTU. This feature allows for the well established NTU-Check of our MACHEREY-NAGEL spectrophotometers now also on the PF-12Plus; a big PLUS in terms of safe measurement results. In addition turbidity in transmitted light, between 4–350 FAU, can be determined. Highest accuracy nnWarning of potential interferences by fully automatic turbidity control measurement with 90° (NTU-Check) Turbidity – An error source: Turbidity within a cuvette is...

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Be mobile - enjoy versatility Due to its compact size and the robust and waterproof housing, the PF-12P,us fits perfectly for measurements directly at the sampling site. Aside the preprogrammed methods the PF-12P,us offers the possibility to install up to 50 special methods for customer specific applications. Step by step functions up to fourth-degree and logarithmic functions can be programmed this way. Via the USB-port the device can be updated with new tests and methods in a minimum of time. Works under any condition ■ Variable power supply for mobile use ■ Waterproof housing (IP68) ■...

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Individual mini-labs For the PF-12p,us several variants of reagent cases are available, allowing the individual assembly of a mini-lab. VISOCOLOR® Reagent case for environmental analysis with PF-12P,us ■ Reagent case with PF-12P,us and VISOCOLOR® ECO test kits for the following parameters ■ Ammonium ■ Carbonate hardness ■Iron ■Nitrate ■ Nitrite ■ pH ■ Phosphate ■ Total hardness ■ and accessories ■ The allrounder for all applications ■ Cost-efficient refill packs REF 914353 VISOCOLOR® Reagent case with PF-12P,us ■ Reagent case with PF-12P,us and room for individual equipping with ■...

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Measuring range Wave- No. of Shelf life Sea water REF length tests (years) VISOCOLOR® ECO Alkalinity TA Ammonium 3* Ammonium 15* Bromine Chloride* Chlorine 1, free + total Chlorine 2, free + total’ free Chlorine 2 Chlorine 6, free + total free Chlorine 6 Chlorine dioxide* Chromium (VI)* Copper Cyanide* Cyanuric acid* Fluoride NANOCOLOR® tube tests * This product contains harmful 1) For evaluation with PF-12/PF- substances which must be specially labeled as hazardous. 12Plus a special filter is necessary For detailed information please see SDS.

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Test Measuring range Wave- No. of Shelf life length tests (years) COD LR 150* COD HR 1500* org. Complexing agents 10 (Screeningtest) Copper 5 Cyanide 08* DEHA 1 (Diethylhydroxylamin) Ethanol 1000 Fluoride 2 Formaldehyde 8* Formaldehyde 10 Hardness Ca / Mg HC 300* (hydrocarbons) Iron 3* Lead 5* Manganese 10* Methanol 15 Molybdenum 40* Nickel 4* Nitrate 8* Nitrate 50* Nitrate 250* Nitrite 2* Nitrite 4 total Kjeldahl nitrogen TKN 16 total Nitrogen TNb 22* total Nitrogen TNb 60* total Nitrogen TNb 220* Organic acids 3000* Oxygen 12* Peroxide 2 pH 6,5-8,2 Phenolic index 5* EtOH 0.1-2.0 mg/L...

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Compact photometer PF-12PUsTest Measuring range Wave- No. of Shelf life Sea water REF length tests (years) * This product contains harmful substances which must be specially labeled as hazardous. For detailed information please see SDS. 1) For evaluation with PF-12/PF-12Pto a special filter is necessary Filter photometer with microprocessor control, self-test and auto-calibration Wavelength range 340-860 nm Automatic filter wheel with 7 interference filters Wavelength accuracy Light source Detector Blank value Measuring modes Photometric range Photometric accuracy Stability Cuvette holder...

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