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HYDROSTATIC STEERING UNITS AND ACCESSORIES CONTENTS Page “M+S HYDRAULIC” can accept no responsibility for possible errors in catalogues, brochures and other printed material. “M+S HYDRAULIC” reserves the right to alter its products without notice. This also applies to products already on order provided that such alterations can be made without subsequential changes being necessary in specifications already agreed.

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HYDROSTATIC STEERING UNITS TYPE XY.../1 The M+S Hydraulic Hydrostatic Steering units are used in low-speed vehicles which driving speed does not exceed 60 km/h - such as: building machines, fork-lift trucks, harvesting machines, off-highway equipment and others. These hydraulic units amplify the torque to the steering wheels, with no need of hard mechanical connection. R The XY hydrostatic steering unit incorporates an axially displaced tracing valve and a metering pump in one housing. The working liquid is supplied by a separate pump and then is directed by the metering pump to the...

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DIMENSIONS AND MOUNTING DATA A With relief valve omit - No Paint P - Painted PC - Corrosion Protected Paint Pos.2 - Relief Valve Pressure Settings - Version 1 "Open Center - Load Reaction” - 80 bar [1160 PSI] - 100 bar [1450 PSI] - 125 bar [1810 PSI] - 150 bar [2175 PSI] - without Relief Valve Pos.5 - Design Series omit - Factory specified NOTES: * Colour at customer’s request. The steering units are mangano-phosphatized as standard.

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HYDROSTATIC STEERING UNITS TYPE HKU.../3, 4 The newly designed HKU steering units, with radial distribution, incorporate two rotary tracing valves in the housing, which turn on the metering pump. T P "Open Center - Load Reaction" HKU.../3 T P "Open Center - Non Load Reaction" HKU.../4 Rated Flow* Max. Cont. Pressure in Line T - high pressure (H option) Max. Torque at - with standard springs - with soft springs (LT option) Servoamplifying Nm [lb-in] Weight * Inlet flow providing maximum speed of rotation: - 100 RPM - from HKU40 to HKU630; - 87 RPM - for HKU800; - 70 RPM - for HKU1000.

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HYDROSTATIC STEERING UNIT TYPE HKU.../7 The HKU.../7 is a "Closed Center - Non Load Reaction" hydrostatic steering unit, designed for integration into systems with built-in hydroaccumulator, achieving minimal energy losses. When connecting to a differential cylinder the L and R ports of the steering unit must be connected as follows: L to the greater piston area, and R - to the smaller one. For the "Closed Center - Non Load Reaction" and "Closed Center - Non Reaction and Load Sensing" steering units is possible to observe Thermal Shock - condition caused when the hydraulic system has...

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DIMENSIONS AND MOUNTING DATA - HKU.../3, 4, 7 A 2,8 [.110] Column Mounting Thread - B Valve Mounting Thread - V * These threads are for displacements from HKU40 to HKU200 only.

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HYDROSTATIC STEERING UNITS TYPE HKUS.../3, 4, 8 The HKUS Hydrostatic Steering unit is based on the HKU unit but has built-in relief and check valves. Thus M+S Hydraulic achieves one very compact steering unit which reduces the need for additional hydraulic components in the system. R "Open Center - Load Reaction" HKUS.../3 "Open Center - Non Load Reaction" HKUS.../4 "Open Center - Non Load Reaction" HKUS.../8 SPECIFICATION DATA Type Parameters Rated Pressure Shock Valves Pressure Relief Valve Pressure - standard - high pressure (H option) - with standard springs - with soft springs (LT...

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DIMENSIONS AND MOUNTING DATA - HKUS.../3, 4, 8 Column Mounting Thread - B *Threaded Ports P min 15 [.59] depth for pipe mounting. Valve Mounting Thread - V

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STEERING UNITS ORDER CODE Pos.1 - Displacement code (see Specification Data) Pos.4 - Max. Cont. Pressure in line T omit - Standard H - High pressure Pos.5 - Input torque omit - Standard LT* - Low Pos.6 - Noise level omit - Standard LN** - Low Pos.7 - Option (Paint)*** omit - Factory specified - Version 3 ”Open Center - Load Reaction” - Version 4 ”Open Center - Non Load Reaction” - Version 7 ”Closed Center - Non Load Reaction” Notes: * Available only for displacement from 40 to 200. ** Available only for versions 3 and 4 with displacement from 40 to 200. *** Colour at customer’s request. The...

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HYDROSTATIC STEERING UNIT TYPE HKU.../4PB The hydrostatic steering unit is available for steering of medium and large sized transport vehicles such as building and agricultural machines. HKU…/4PB works as standard steering unit with auxiliary port designed for flow providing additional vehicles functions. When the steering wheel is not turned, the flow will be delivered to port PB. After the steering wheel has been turned a part of the flow will be deviated to the steering unit and the flow through port PB will be inconstant. It is not recommended to use this unit in systems with auxiliary...

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STEERING UNITS DIMENSIONS AND MOUNTING DATA A 2,8 [.110] Column Mounting Thread - B Valve Mounting Thread - V Pos.3 - Ports omit - BSPP (ISO 228) A - SAE (ANSI B 1.1 - 1982) Pos.4 - Option (Paint)* omit - No Paint P - Painted Low Gloss Color PC - Corrosion Protected Paint Pos.5 - Design Series omit - Factory specified Pos.2 - Versions 4PB - Version 4 "Open Center - Non Load Reaction" with 5 ports (Power Beyond) NOTES: * Colour at customer’s request. The steering units are mangano-phosphatized as standard. 12

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HYDROSTATIC STEERING UNIT TYPE HKUQ.../4 HKUQ.../4 is a new series of hydrostatic steering units with an additionally increased flow. The hydrostatic steering unit type HKUQ…/4 is available for steering medium and large sized vehicles, allowing easy control either in servo-amplified mode or in emergency operation. HKUQ…/4 is an “Open Center-Non Load Reaction” hydrostatic steering in which restrictor for amplifying factor from 1,3 to 2,5 is built-in. In accordance with the size of the gear wheel set and amplifying factor, HKUQ…4 has the following working volume: - from 80 cm3 to 200 cm3 for...

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