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TRI-LOC & DOUBLE TRI-LOC ® Rapid Screen Registration Systems FEATURES • repeatable registration from screen-to-screen Precise, • Double Tri-Loc allows two synchronized screens to be exposed simultaneously • Screens generated by M&R’s CTS systems are automatically pre-registered for Tri-Loc No other registration system for screen printing offers the accuracy and ease of use of M&R’s revolutionary Tri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc Rapid Screen Registration Systems. It works flawlessly with conventional screen exposure systems, and it is the essential companion for M&R’s i-Image Series computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and imaging/exposure systems, which generate screens that are automatically pre-registered for Tri-Loc. The Tri-Loc system is easy to learn and simple to use and its return on investment may be faster than any product in the screen printing industry. And since the process is so easy to learn, almost any employee can be quickly trained to register screens. No longer does screen registration have to be left to the most skilled employees. Time-consuming multiple microregistration adjustments and a seemingly endless run of test prints will be a thing of the past. Once screens have been exposed in register using the Master Registration Frame, users simply mount the Tri-Loc pallet to the press and move it to each printhead, pulling the screen frames into contact with the pallet at the three registration points. It’s an amazingly easy process. See the simple steps on the back to find out just how fast and effortless screen registration can be. Tri-Locs are compatible with all M&R screen printing presses, and can be used with wood frames, aluminum static frames, and roller frames. They’re affordably priced, extremely cost effective, and have no moving critical registration points to wear out. Tri-Locs employ precision-milled registration points to ensure that operators can precisely match the registration on the screen exposure unit with the registration on the screen printing press. Double Tri-Loc is M&R’s twin-screen version. Screens properly exposed on one side of the Double Tri-Loc will be in sync with screens exposed on the other side, dramatically reducing the time devoted to exposing screens. And by combining one of NuArc’s large screen exposure systems with the Double Tri-Loc Screen Registration System, operators can burn two same-size screens at once. Master screen registration frames, available in numerous adjustable and fixed sizes, fit most popular screen frame sizes. Custom sizes are also available. Cost-effective and easy to use, Tri-Loc Screen Registration Systems can reduce setup time by as much as 95 percent. Unprecedented simplicity and unsurpassed accuracy make Tri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc Rapid Screen Registration Systems the ideal choice for screen printers who refuse to compromise on quality—and don’t have time to waste. Tri-Loc for CTS (Computer-to-Screen) Imaging Systems The benefits for users of M&R’s i-Image Series computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and imaging-exposure systems are even greater. Since every CTS-generated screen is automatically pre-registered for M&R’s Tri-Loc registration system, on-press registration is blazingly fast. In fact, owners report imaging and exposing screens in as little as 40 seconds— and washed out and registered on the press with Tri-Loc in less than 8 minutes! Users simply mount the Tri-Loc pallet to the press and move it to each printhead, pulling the screen frames into contact with the pallet at the three registration points. Nothing could be easier.

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STANDARD FEATURES MASTER EXPOSURE REGISTRATION FRAMES REGISTRATION PALLET • CTS Tri-Loc: Master Frame not required • Double Tri-Loc: Non-adjustable • Tri-Loc: Adjustable or non-adjustable STOP BLOCK • On-press registration pallets are available in a variety of sizes • For accurate positioning of Tri-Loc pallets VIDEO TRAINING • Contains two pin bars and 100 pre-punched carrier sheets • Instructional DVD covers procedures for exposure and screen setup, and includes a tips & troubleshooting section PRE-PUNCHED CARRIER SHEETS STOP BLOCKS OPTIONS CUSTOM SIZES • Available in various sizes •...

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