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Measuring it all Total flux integration of permanent magnets and magnet assemblies Fluxmeter M-Flux 1000 Fluxmetric Metrology A Fluxmeter is an integrator of voltage. The physical principle of fluxmetric measurement is: Precise measurement: · Drift 0 · esolution: 0.01µVs R · ccuracy ±1.0µVs A · recise measurement of pulses up to 5kHz P Total human Interface: · asy to use by focus onto relevant features and displays E ϕ = ∫ U in d dt The measurement result equals to the flux ϕ through the measurement coil. Different magnetic values such as Flux, Flux density, Field strength, Dipole moment or Potential can be measured by use of different measurement coils. · robe identification P · utomatic drift compensation A Smart technology: · etup of 1-3 channels S · Oscilloscope for pulsed fields · Hugh variety of accessory we make your products attractive

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Technical Data Measurement ranges Range selection Repeatability ±1µVs absolute ±0,5% of Range maximum after self calibration Magnetic Values Magnetic Flux: Vs, Wb, Maxw Magnetic Flux density: T, G Magnetic Field strength: A/m, Oer Magnetic Dipole moment: Am2, Vsm Magnetic Potential: A Internal reference of voltage and time, Autocalibration Standby: 0 µVs/min after dedrift Measurement cycle: < ±1µVs/min after dedrift Input resistance Input terminals Miniature connectors at front and rear panel LCD 240*65 Pixel, 127mm * 34mm Display size Black Graphic on white background LED 5-Digits Display...

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