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M-PLAST INDIA LTD, a fast growing engineering company engaged in manufacturing of Rotational Moulding Machines, ancillary equipments including Pulveriser, Mixers, Compounding Extruders, Scrap Grinders & Moulds for last 21 years, is provider of one stop solution for all Roto Moulding needs. The manufacturing facilities are spread in an area of4800 sq. mts. and are in process of setting up another factory with Research & Development Center in an area of22000 sq. mts. We have in house computer Aided Designing and CNC Machining facilities. In last 21 years M-Plast has sold more than 270...

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ROTATIONAL MOULDING Roto-moulding, a recent technology in plastic process, which has received wide acceptance the world over. With advantages certain to attract both manufacturers and users, roto-moulding has useful application in conventional and imaginative product lines. The option to create one piece, seamless and stress free plastic products with superior surface finish is here. Products can be gigantic or small, in every conceivable shapes and of utilitarian and even exotic nature. Roto-moulding offers a definite production and cast advantage over other processes. A SIMPLE AND UNIQUE...

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Standard Features of ROTAPLAS Turret Machines • Sturdy and Most Reliable Design. • Choice of Three Arm / Four Arm Models. • Choice of Straight / Offset Arms. • Three / Four direct drives interchangeable arms. • Direct drive geared motor for indexing mechanism with variable speed frequency converter having dynamic breaking, Accel / decel features to reduce shock & accurate positioning. • Reverse Index of Turret • Pneumatic brake in Load / Unload station. HEATING CHAMBER • A moveable sintering heating chamber heated by a gas burner having modulating control (Heating by oil. Electricity S duel...

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TECHNICAL DATA THREE ARM TURRET MACHINE Features and technical data are oven without engagement and are subject to change wehout nonce

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[^@^Z^[LZ^© INDGPGNDGNT ARMS MACHINE THREE ARM / FOUR ARM FIVE STATION INDEPENDENT ARM MACHINE Rotaplas Star Independent Arm Machines have independent Mould Carriages and have separate drives for each Mould Carriage can be indexed forward / reverse, programmed, controlled independently. This has all the standard features as described in our turret machines with same, heating Chamber, Cooling Chamber, Arms & Control System. In case of Turret Machine all the Mould Carriages are joined together and have common drives where as in Independent Arm machines, all the Mould Carriages are independent...

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Holding station in Independent Arm Machines can be used as additional Cooling Station. The machine has capability of complete segregation of heating & cooling times from one arm to another. The built in programability provides optimum Production Management & Machines is most suitable for any product mix and multi layer

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INDEPENDENT ARMS MACHINE TECHNICAL DATA Eoa:jroi ana inchmeal a-ra are g.vm minaul ongagaironl and are tiopjc lo eftango Atirojt mi™

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Rocking Oven Rock n" Roll Machine We have now developed Rocking Oven Rock 'n' Roll machine suitable for manufacturing of large size product. The machine Is being developed In technical cooperation with Technology Holding / Motion Technology International, NORWAY having European Standard features. • Sturdy most reliable design • Double skin stainless steel construction oven. • Fail safe burner control. • Direct drive geared motors. • variable speed A.C. drive having auto reversible facility. • Hydraulic power pack for rocking & other movement having proportional control valve Gas/Air...

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The machine Is most suitable for manufacturing of very large size product llke:- • Kayaks & Canoes • Large diameter Pipes • Large diameter TWin Walled Pipes • Section Water Tanks • Floor Panels • Vehicle Bodies in One Piece • Porta Cabins • Marina Systems • Grain Storage Tanks • Large capacity Water Tfcnks Machines available for manufacturing of products up to 15 meters of length.

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ANCILLARY EQUIPMENTS M.PLAST Pulverizers are designed to meet the most demanding requirements and conform to the highest engineering standard. These Pulverizers are meant for tough and reliable operation round the clock. All Rotating members are dynamically balanced for long trouble-free The MPU Series Pulverizers are high speed precision grinders for pulverizing, medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials, Typical applications are the Pulverization of PVC, PE, PC and other temperature sensitive materials. The material to be pulverized is introduced through the centre of the...

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SCRAP GRINDER Scrap Grinder is used for Recycling of rejected Moulded Products. The rejected Products are cut into pieces then grinded to reuse. HOUSING : The main housing is fabricated of heavy mild steel plates & section in two parts, the top cover has hinged type openable arrangement for cleaning and is adjusted by bolts. The screen is fitted as the lower part of the housing which can be taken out easily ROTOR : Dynamically balanced rotor made from alloy steel which ensures fast grinding and good output. The Rotor blades are of alloy steel, hardened & grounded for long life. BLADES : All...

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Sheet Metal Fabricated Moulds

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Sheet Metal Fabricated Moulds

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Sheet Metal Fabricated Moulds

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Cast Aluminium Moulds

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Manufacturing Programme Machines & Equipments ROTATIONAL MOULDING MACHINES ♦ Mulli Arm TWrct Machines ♦ Multi Arm Independent Arm Machines ♦ Rocbing Oven Rocb 'n' Roll Machines ♦ Open Flame Rocb 'n' Roll Machines PULVERISERS FOR MICROFINE GRINDING • EXTRUDERS FOR BLENDING / COLOURING / • SCRAP GRINDERS • SHEET METAL FABRICATED MOULDS FOR ROTO MOULDED PRODUCTS • ALUMINIUM CASTED/ FABRICATED/ CNC MACHINED MOULDS FOR ROTO MOULDED Leading ahead with advanced technology M.PLAST (INDIA) LIMITED A-15, Sector-60, Phase-Ill, Noida- 201307 (UP.) India E-mail: Website :...

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