Continuous Data Acquisition, Signal Analysis and Process Monitoring - 8 Pages

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Continuous Data Acquisition, Signal Analysis and Process Monitoring

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Coda Continuous Data Acquisition, Signal Analysis and Process Monitoring

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Coda (Continuous data acquisition) is a full-featured turnkey software platform for data acquisition, signal analysis and process monitoring. Complete turnkey operation provides quicker time to test by eliminating costly application programming and long learning curves. The extensive built-in features and tools offer a functionality that was previously available only in custom packages. The intuitive GUI facilitates set-up, operation and analysis, thus leading to precise, repeatable results quickly. Thanks to its modular structure and easy parameterization, Coda is the perfect solution for...

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CodaView is used to display the channels in a multitude of ways: • Individual graphical interfaces • y/t or y/x diagram, bar chart, tachometer, waterfall, FFT, PSD, digital numbers • Marker, zoom functions, etc. • Up to 64 traces per diagram • Data replay CodaView CodaAdmin is the core module of the Coda software system. It provides access to many of the key features such as: • Automatic instrument identifi cation • Confi guration of measurement hardware • Administration of Coda system • Defi nition of test runs • Start/stop of test runs • Hardware calibration, etc. CodaAdmin

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CodaAlarm provides an overview of all active channels and their current status with regard to alarm limit violations: • Alarm monitoring for general system components and for every channel • Alarm events are entered into the log fi le • Clearly arranged window allowing the user to see the current status at a glance CodaAlarm CodaCollect allows the user to take snapshots of the data in digital form to store and output important data: • Snapshots of all measurement data or of a fi ltered group of data • Unlimited number of snapshots per test run • Manual/triggered • Analysis in Excel...

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The scalable architecture of Coda makes this package ideal for any test size, from tens to thousands of channels. High-channel count systems can be easily confi gured and are ready to test within a very short time. • Client/Server System The client/server architecture allows several test engineers to have concurrent online access to the acquired data for display and analysis operations. The online server approach also ensures reliable data archival and retrieval with integrated error diagnostics to guard against connection and data access issues. • Intuitive Graphical User Interface Coda...

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LXIbus Hardware VibRunner is m+p international’s modular acquisition hardware for applications from 16+ input channels. To extend input channel capability, two or more VibRunner systems can be synchronized by means of the clock in/clock circuitry with no loss of their excellent measurement performance across multiple units. Equipped with 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converters with up to 102.4 kHz sampling rate VibRunner allows for alias protected measurements in a frequency range up to 40 kHz and more than 120 dB spurious-free dynamic range. VibRunner provides 1 Gbit/s Ethernet connectivity to a...

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Hardware Support • m+p VibRunner • m+p VibPilot • VTI Instruments EX1629, EX1000A/16A/32A/48A, Bustec 6100 (LXIbus) • VTI Instruments VT1413, VT1415, VT1419, VT1422, Agilent E1459, Bustec 3150-AA (VXIbus) • Agilent U2100, U2300, U2500, U2600, U2802 series • Other hardware support on request • Multiple client/server system confi guration Measurement Setup • Automatic instrument identifi cation • User authorisation management • Catalogues for measurement dimension, engineering units, material properties • User-defi nable channel groups • Save/recall and copying of setups • Export/import...

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