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Coda Data Acquisition and Logging

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Coda Data Acquisition and Logging With the full-featured Coda (Continuous data acquisition) software product family, m+p international provides data acquisition and logging solutions for all applications from the simple to the most complex. Together with the compact and rugged chassis from United Electronic Industries, Coda is perfectly suited for a wide variety of mobile and test bench applications. The Ethernet-based I/O chassis stand out for their high performance, exibility, mechanical toughness and small size. United Electronic Industries offers two unique chassis congurations: the very compact 3- or 6-slot cube and the 6- or 12-slot front-loading rack. With over 30 different I/O boards available, there is sure to be a perfect solution for your requirements. Tests congured on your Coda PC can be run fully standalone without the need for a PC or other network connection. High Performance, Small Size The I/O cubes and racks cover a full range of industrial, aerospace and laboratory data acquisition and control applications. Use the cube or rack as a PC front-end for real-time capture and display or upload its acquisition settings to run standalone capturing data to an SD card or an external hard disk via USB. This data can be recovered later and re-played and processed by the Coda software. The small 3-slot cube only measures 4” x 4” x 4”, its “big” brother provides slots for 6 I/O boards and is 5.8” high. They operate from -40 to +85 °C with 5 g (rms) vibration and 50 g shocks. Larger systems are easily built using multiple cubes. However, you can also opt for the rack congurations with slot-in cards. These compact, rugged racks provide two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and slots for up to 6 or 12 I/O boards, allowing the boards to be quickly and easily installed Coda supports compact, rugged 3- and 6-slot I/O cubes and removed directly from the front of the rack. Coda allows direct measurement with these boards and can display the actual and calculated results (e. g. strain, acceleration) online. The racks offer 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet interface. DV_CODA Data Acquisition 8-12.indd 1

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Coda – Data Acquisition and Logging Various I/O Boards A wide variety of I/O boards are available for voltage input, current input, thermocouples, strain gauges, RVDT/LVDT, digital I/O, counter, etc. The boards can be installed in any combination and will provide both ICP® signal conditioning and excitation voltage, thus being ideal for signal mixing. The maximum sampling rate is 125 kHz per channel. Standalone Acquisition For standalone applications Coda supports cubes and racks running a standard Linux operating system. This eliminates the cost of a dedicated host PC. Just make your...

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Coda - Data Acquisition and Logging Configuration tools include a time-saving feature that en- ables you to apply changes to complete channel groups instead of entering them defined test runs in Coda allowing you to easily switch between different configura- tions. With Coda connected, a precise 2-point preset cali- bration can be done for each (A) CodwUHm ■ (CODA ] 7 : tt ■ LOULiOST] t*ai**min Hrf^ r«1<*UiU (.HirrjbLi 1JJH]9^» is rv^ning. L'lta *±ft*be^gsl Alarm window Comprehensive Visualization Data channels are visualized by a simple mouse-click. With both online and offline data...

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Coda - Data Acquisition and Logging For comprehensive analysis and reporting, captured data can be exported to the following analysis packages and formats: SO Analyzer, Matlab®, Microsoft Excel, ASCII, CSV and TXT. m+p international's SO Analyzer provides a full range of dynamic analysis applications with extensive capabilities for browsing, viewing, editing, analyzing and reporting data as well as with full ActiveX compliance. Advanced applications include real-time FFT analysis, unlimited through- put to disc recording, structural testing, rotational dynamics and acoustic analysis. ■ File...

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