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Embracing Challenge [ IVteC®] Universal bypass filter series FP® for liquid filtration Version FP-70P200-D, FP-70P190-D, FP-200P190-D In order to obtain the desired self-cleaning effect, the bypass filters FP-70 (200) P190-D should be operated with a minimum bypass quantity of 300 l/h. Special Features ■ Universal in use ■ Simple construction ■ Simple assembly and maintenance ■ Condition of filterelement visible from outside ■ Wall mounting Application The M&C universal bypass filter is used in liquid analysis for filtration of low sample flow rates. Two different filtration methods are available: Filtration of a liquid flow in a settling area. Filtration of a liquid flow with selfcleaning effect through a bypass system with fast flow rate over the active filter surface. Description The basic construction of the bypass filter corresponds with the line of universal filters which are used for the gas filtration. The coarse sieve filter element is supplied with a pore size of 70 or 200 pm and is manufactured out of PP including the supporting pillar. The filter element is screwed into the filter head together with the filter element holder. Through the glass filter body, the condition of the filter element is visible at any time without dismantling the filter. For changing the filter elements no tools are necessary. The optimal positioning of the o-ring guarantees a safe sealing of the filter body to the filter head. The sample outlet may be turned around by 180 ° at the wall mounting bracket so that a flexible handling of the mountage is possible according to different local conditions. The sample connections are located in the filter head and in the lower part of the filter glass. Respective tube connectors and GL25 adaptors DN4/6, 6/8, 8/10 or 10/12 are optionally available. Technical specifications and illustrations are without obligation, subject to modifications. 09.96/11.06 M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH • Rehhecke 79 • 40885 Ratingen • Germany info@mc-techgroup.com • www.mc-techgroup.com • Fon +49 2102 935-0 • Fax +49 2102 935-111

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Filter FP-70-P190-D / FP200P190-D Filtration with self-cleaning effect through bypass system Filter FP-70P200-D Filtration in a setting area Bypass Sample Technical Data Liquid bypass filter series FP® Part No. Filtration in a settling area Filtration with self-cleaning-effect Filter element fineness Bypass-connections Sample connection Max. pressure at 20 °C Bypass flow max. Sample max. Sample temperature max. Ambient temperature max. Filter surface Volume Weight Method of mounting Material of sample contacting parts 7.12 FP-70P200-D FP-70P190-D 02F1400 02F1440 yes no no yes 70 µm G3/8" i...

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