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Gas Cooler Series EC® - 1

Embracing Challenge [ IVteC®] Gas Cooler Series EC® Compact Version EC-L for 2 x 250 Nl/h or 1 x 500 Nl/h Special Features ■ Upgradeable to a complete gas conditioning unit ■ Patented Jet Stream heat exchangers in 3 standard materials ■ Gas flow 2 x 250 or 1 x 500 Nl/h ■ Ambient pre-cooling stage(s) ■ Ambient temperature up to 45 °C (up to 113 °F) ■ Dew point stability ±0.25 °C (±0.45 °F) ■ Outlet dew point adjustable from +2 °C to +7 °C (35.6 °F to 44.6 °F) ■ Status alarm contact ■ Optimum reliability ■ Self-controlled ■ CFC-free Application The M&C gas cooler EC-L is used in gas analysis to lower the dew point of humid gas to avoid condensation in the analyser(s). An extremely stable and low gas dew point avoids water vapour cross-sensitivity and volumetric errors. Additionally components for the gas conditioning like filter or pump can be integrated. Description Compact, maintenance-free and self-controlling. Intelligent detailed solutions provide optimum cooling of the sample gas and direct separation of condensate. The new controlled compressor cooling system and the special design of the jet stream heat exchanger guarantee an optimum dew point reduction to a low, stable value. Another advantage is a short time of contact between gas and condensate due to the jet stream design. Thus washing out effects of water soluble gas components are minimized. An additional pre-drainage device can be mounted in applications with high water content. This one or two stage ambient pre-cooler unit reduces the inlet dew point respectively the load of the main cooling stage. The condensate should be removed with integrated small peristaltic pumps SR25.2 or optionally by external condensate traps AD... respectively collection vessels TG../TK.. The simple construction enables heat exchangers of different materials to be used depending on the application. Heat exchangers made from glass, stainless steel or PVDF are to be ordered optionally. The digital indicator in the front panel displays the cooling temperature. The function of the cooler can be externally controlled via the alarm contact. The factory settings for the alarm limits are < +2 °C (< 35.6 °F) and > +8 °C (> 46.4 °F). The gas cooler EC-L can be equipped with 2 Jet-Stream heat exchangers with a total flow capacity of max. 500 Nl/h, either for 2 separate sample lines 2 x 250 Nl/h or one sample line 1 x 500 Nl/h. The compact and light weight construction allows a simple and space-saving installation. The EC-L gas coolers are self controlling and maintenance free in operation. If necessary, the cooler can be upgraded to a complete gas conditioning unit. Therefore a mounting plate with the needed devices like a pump or a filter with liquid alarm sensor is fixed at the cooler. Technical specifications and illustrations are without obligation, subject to modifications. 03.16 - 1.01.00 M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH • Rehhecke 79 • 40885 Ratingen • Germany • • Fon +49 2102 935-0 • Fax +49 2102 935-111

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Gas Cooler Series EC® - 2

Heated filter sample probe or dilution probe Heated sample line Cooler EC-L 3-way ball valve Peristaltic pump SR25.2 Diaphragm pump Fine filter FP-2T-D with liquid alarm LA1S Aerosol filter CLF-5 /W optional according to application Flow meter FM40, 25-250 Nl/h Analysers Dimensions Compact gas cooler EC-L with pre-cooler, filter, liquid alarm sensor and diaphragm pump (11.81“) (8.27“) Functional diagram of M&C JetStream heat exchanger Sample gas - OUT Sample gas - IN M&C Jet-Stream heat exchanger Cooling block Dimensions in mm Drawing shows EC-L with two heat exchangers out of glass, two...

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Gas Cooler Series EC® - 3

Technical Data Gas cooler series EC' Weight 17.6 kg (38.8 lbs) (with 2 SR25.2 and 2 glass heat exchangers) One ambient pre-cooling stage, without heat exchanger, completely installed, Part-No.: 02 K 4020 Two ambient pre-cooling stages, without heat exchanger, completely installed, Part-No.: 02 K 4022 Mounting bracket for installing up to two peristaltic pumps, Part No.: 02 K 4030 Peristaltic pump for pre-cooling stage, one peristaltic pump for each pre-cooling stage needed, Part No.: 01 P 9125 Mounting plate for gas conditioning components like filter or pump, completely installed,...

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