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Gas Conditioning Unit series CSS® - 1

Gas Conditioning Unit series CSS® Version CSS-VC1 for max. 1 x 250Nl/h gas flow rate, Version CSS-VC2 for max. 2 x 150Nl/h gas flow rate, for 19"- or wall mounting or portable in transport case Special Features ■ Compact high-performance construction with compressor cooler ■ Individually configurable, also beyond the scope listed here ■ Completely pre-installed ■ Multi functional expandable control unit TCU with warning and fault indicator in plain text ■ One or two gas streams ■ 19”- or wall mounting housing or portable in transport case ■ Trolley system ■ Low maintenance and self-monitoring ■ Outlet dew point adjustable from +2 °C to +7 °C ■ Dew point stability ± 0,1°C ■ Operational in 10 minutes ■ Light weight ■ Optimum reliability ■ Operating hours counter ■ Resettable service interval ■ History memory Application The units CSS-VC.. provide a complete preinstalled compact high-performance sample gas conditioning for continuous use. Due to the multi functional expandable control unit TCU and a big variety of additional options the gas conditioning units excellently can be adapted to the most diverse requirements of gas analysis technique and therefore assume tasks of complete anlayse systems. Its compact construction only takes up little space. The CSS-VC units are ready for use in a few minutes. This makes time-consuming-procurement of individual components and assembly superfluous. Also a portable version in transport case is possible. Description All components of the gas conditioning unit are mounted in a robust compact sheet steel case for wall- or 19»-rack mounting. The ventilation grids in the sidewalls ensure that the equipment is sufficiently ventilated. Filter, flowmeter and peristaltic pump are placed into the front panel and thus assure a very easy maintenance. Due to a removable lid and a foldable front plate also quick and easy inspection and maintenance of all other built-in components, especially easy change of heat exchangers is possible. The compressor gas cooler is equipped with one or two heat exchangers of Duran glass, stainless steel SS316Ti or PVDF. Peristaltic pumps type SR25.2 are used for contiuous condensate removal or also used as dosing pump. The current cooler temperature is displayed at the front panel mounted multi functional control unit TCU. Via keys the set temperature of the cooler can be adjusted. In case of warnings or faults in plain text are displayed and additionally via LED's indicated ( cooler within set temperature range - green LED, flow alarm (option) - yellow LED, temperature +-3°C from set point and liquid alarm (option) - red LED. The fine filter downstream cooler (different filter executions possible) ensures the necessary solid separation. The condition of the filter element is visible from outside. For protection of downstream analysers against liquid breakthrough and for increase of operating safety of the whole system depending on the chosen type of filter a suitable liquid alarm is possible or already integrated in the filter. A collective alarm message or on request single alarm message inclusive mA outlet for cooler temperature connected to output terminals is available. Alarm message and switching off the sample pump if present happens via potential free contacts for collective alarm resp. single alarms (cooler temperature, flow, liquid in the system). The downstream installed sample gas pump N3/5/9 KPE is available with 3 pump capacities. The flow meter FM40 with corresponding measuring range installed in the sample gas outlet can be equipped with a flow alarm sensor FA-20mo and the adequate electronic. Additionally for each sample outlet a second sample outlet resp. bypass, also with flowmeter and flowalarm as option can be set up. In case of aerosol problems a liquid particle filter can be installed downstream the flowmeter in the sample gas outlet. Via extension modules for control unit TCU two more temperature controllers e.g. for control of heated sample lines or gas sample probes are available. Also external sample gas pumps can be switched and gas sample probes individually be purged back. Technical specifications and illustrations are without M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH • Rehhecke 79 • 40885 Ratingen • Germany obligation, subject to modifications. 05.15 - 1.00.00 • • Fon +49 2102 935-

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Gas Conditioning Unit series CSS® - 2

Gas cooler series ECM-1 Option universal filter or front panel filter FPF-0,1GF, 0,1µm, optional with liquid alarm LA or front panel filter FPF+, optional with integrated liquid alarm Option 3 or 5-way-ball valve 3L/PV or 5L/PV Option sample gas pump N3/5/9KPE Option peristaltic pump SR25.2 Option flow meter FM40 with flow alarm Option flow meter FM40 Option liquid particle lfilter CLF-5/W or CLF-T(SS) Gas cooler series ECM-2 Option universal filter or front panel filter FPF-0,1GF, 0,1µm, optional with liquid alarm LA or front panel filter FPF-2-0,3GF, 0,3µm, with integrated liquid alarm...

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Gas Conditioning Unit series CSS® - 3

Technical Data Gas Conditioning Unit series CSS® Part No. 230V 50Hz Part No. 115V/50-60Hz Sample outlet dew point Dew point stability Sample inlet temperature Sample inlet dew point Gas flow rate Ambient temperature Storage temperature Pressure Total cooling capacity ** Number of gas inlets Number of gas outlets Condensate outlet Medium connections Material of sample contacting parts 1 2 1 2 1 2 tube connection 4/6 mm Heat exchanger : glass, PVDF or stainless steel 1.4571 Tubing and fittings : PTFE, PVDF Universal filter FP-2T-D : PVDF, FPM, glass, PTFE Front panel filter FPF-0,1GF : PVDF,...

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Gas Conditioning Unit series CSS® - 4

Order example: 1x 01G6050 + 1 x 01G6060 + 1 x + 1x 93K0150 + 1 x 01G6140 + 1x 04F2100 + 1 x 90F0002 + 1 x 03E1300 + 1 x 03F3005 + 1 x 01G6075 + 1 x 01G6070 + 1 x 01G6130 + 1 x 09F4005 + 1 x 02E3500 + 1 x 01G6210 + 1 x 01G6175 + 1 x 01G9160 = CSS-VC1,230V, with heat exchanger out of glass, sample gas connections in the joint plate, built in peristaltic pump SR25.2, built in front panel filter FPF+2T with integrated liquid alarm sensor LA3, aerosol filter CLF-5/W mounted on front panel, built-in sample gas pump N5KPE, flowmeter FM40 15-150Nl/hr and flow alarm sensor FA-20mo in the sample...

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