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Air clean up supply series BA - 1

Air clean up supply series BAVersion BA, BA-P4 Special Features ■ High degree of purity: Cn Hm <1°PPb, H2O dew point <-10 °C ■ Easy filter and adsorber change at the front without tools ■ Long service life ■ Minimum operating costs ■ Status self-monitoring ■ Compact, easy-to-use and easy-to-serv-ice 19 inch plug-in housing Application When measuring hydrocarbons with a FID, hydrocarbon free burner air is necessary. The M&C-burner air BA conditioning has been developed in order to achieve proper burner air supply, independent of gas cylinders. The BA unit can also be used as a zero gas generator when calibrating I.R.-analysers for immission monitoring. Description The M&C-burner air conditioning versions BA and BA-P4 have been designed as compact, easy-to-use and easy-to-service 19 inch modules. The M&C burner air conditioning version BA is designed without pump. With version BA-P4 ambient air is taken in by means of the integrated pendulum reciprocating pump via the rear-mounted air suction filter and is directed to particle and condensate separation by means of a high-performance filter (0.01 micron of filter fineness) with an integrated, floating condensate drainer. Drying the condensate-free compressed air to <-10 °C dew point takes place in a membrane dryer. There upon the compressed air is cleaned as a result of catalytic oxidation at 500 °C by means of a platinum/palladium catalyst of hydrocarbon traces. A downstream adsorber cartridge with molecular sieve and activated carbon guarantees optimum purity of burner air. The catalyst and adsorber material can, if required, be replaced at the front without tools. Technical specifications and illustrations are without obligation, subject to modifications. 09.96/01.07 M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH • Rehhecke 79 • 40885 Ratingen • Germany • • Fon +49 2102 935-0 • Fax +49 2102 935-111

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Air clean up supply series BA - 2

Functional diagram BA-P4 1 Burner air outlet for BA compressed air IN B1 Temperature controller for BA solenoid valve P1 Inlet pressure gauge P2 Outlet pressure gauge for BA solenoid valve ON S2 Power ON switch Technical Data Burner air conditioning series BA Part No. Inlet pressure Outlet pressure / Burner air flow Ambient temperature Start up time Catalyst temperature Burner air purity Catalyst poisons Storage temperature Relative humidity Inlet gas connection Outlet gas connections Condensate connection Power supply Electrical connections Status signal contact for pressure and...

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