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0404 SMD GRB LEDs - 1

Market-Leading Compact RGB LED Package Size! Lumex’s new QuasarBrite™ 0404 RGB LED’s compact package size is the smallest RGB LED package available today and is ideally suited for multicolor LED indicator applications in restricted spaces. With market-leading compact size and efficient production processes – the QuasarBrite 0404 RGB LED allows brands to cost effectively and space efficiently integrate full color RGB indicator lights into their products. Features: • Full color surface-mount RGB LED • 0404 Packaging: 1.0mm x 1.00mm x 0.25mm • Low current operation (30/40/20 mcd respectively for RGB @ 2mA) • Operating temperature range from -40˚C to +85˚C Applications: • Servers, networks, phone equipment • Backlights for display screens & keyboards • Pulse oximeters, defribulators, glucometers • Decorative lighting Markets: • Communications • Personal Electronics • Portable Medical Devices • Backlighting

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0404 SMD GRB LEDs - 2

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