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Mercury Monitoring Tookit (US EPA Method 30B)

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MERCURY MONITORING TOOLKITUS EPA Method 30B DETERMINATION OF TOTAL VAPOR PHASE MERCURY EMISSIONS FROM COAL-FIRED COMBUSTION SOURCES USING CARBON SORBENT TRAPS METHOD The US EPA's method 30B is designed as a reference method for determination of mercury emission with stack gases. The method uses sorbent traps to capture total mercury from stack gas. Method 30B with different sorbent traps also enables mercury speciation measurement. Method 30B is widely used for regulatory CEMM verification and for national and international research programs, including UNEP mercury projects. The US EPA's Mercury Measurement Toolkit is designed for efficient and cost-effective on-site determination of total and speciated mercury emissions in accordance with method 30B. The Toolkit enables onsite mercury determination in all kinds of solid and liquid samples as well. ADVANTAGES • Low detection limit • Easy to use, maintain, and transport • No special requirements for site preparation • Versatility: analyses of stack gas, coal, ash, sludge, waste water • On site analyses and results • No cylinders with compressed oxygen or any other gas • User-friendly software • Low operating and maintenance costs

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DESIGN Mercury Monitoring Toolkit comprises a sampling probe and metering console (1), sorbent traps (2), and analytical system based on direct Zeeman mercury analyzer (3) with RAPID software (4). The Toolkit is used for the mercury determination in coal, fly and bottom ash, gypsum, waste water, flue gas, and other effluents. ANALYTICAL SPECS • Wide dynamic measurement range: 0.5 to 50,000 ng mercury absolute • Direct analysis according to ASTM method D6722-11 • Includes the quality assurance and quality control requirements built in the method • Analysis time is 1-10 minutes per sample...

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