Automatic mercury monitor for natural gas RA-915 AMNG - 2 Pages

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Automatic mercury monitor for natural gas RA-915 AMNG

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RA-915 Monitor for Natural Gas AMNG Automatic Mercury AREA OF APPLICATION Automatic mercury monitor for natural hydrocarbon gas is designed for continuous online monitoring of mercury in a gas flow. METHOD Atomic absorption spectrometry with Zeeman correction of background absorption. DESIGN The monitor is mounted in standard 19 inch rack. The RA-915 AMNG monitor is designed for indoor operation or installation in climate controlled cabinets. The embedded PC controls the measurement procedure, data processing and data transfer via RS-232/485 interface or current loop. The monitor may be put into an explosion-proof ATEX certified enclosure. ADVANTAGES • Direct continuous measurements. The gas is analyzed “as is” providing better control of production process. • Low detection limit and wide range of measurement. • Highest selectivity. • Long-term calibration stability. • No chemicals, carrier and zero gases – No running cost. • Automatic zero drift and span drift correction. • Automatic recalculation to standard conditions. • Auto control and preventive maintenance functions. • Robustness and low maintenance. • Cu

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Treated Gas Treated Gas Raw Gas Range I Range II Measurement range Detection limit Averaging interval Zero drift correction Span drift correction Automatic Automatic Sampling gas condition Gas pressure Flow rate Gas humidity Gas temperature Concentration of H2S Concentration of benzene Concentration of mercaptans Concentration of aromatic compounds Communication ports Status outputs Data output RS 232/485; 2 x USB; LAN, Isolated 4-20 mA MEASURING; ZERO CONTROL; CALIBRATION; SERVICE; FAILURE Dimensions, Weight, Power requirements Dimensions 600 x 480 x 220 mm in l-LU The information and...

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