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HIT ULTRA OUR PROFESSION IS PRECISION ULTRA-PRECISION-MILLING MACHINE Control: Delta Tau Power Pmac CNC-axis: X-, Y-, and Z-axis, optional B, C and CC Bearing Type: hydrostatic (oil), CC air bearing Drive system: linear motor X-, Y- and Z- axis, B and C with torque motors MICROMILLING SPINDLE:_ Bearing Type: air bearing design Drive system: torque motor Tool Interface: pneumatic collet or HSK 25 C- axis, rotary / tilting table, CC- axis (6 axis)_ Minimum quantity lubrication Vacuum device for chip removal Tool Changer_ Additional Z- axis for Flycutting Spindle ULTRA-PRECISION-MILLING MACHINE

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Non ferrous metals plastics and crystals ■ LT U LTRA OUR PROFESSION IS PRECISION NNC 600 H ULTRA-PRECISION-MILLING MACHINE The MMC H (micro milling center hydrostatic) series machines were developed according to the needs of micro and ultra precision multi-axismachining. H stands for hydrostatic oil bearing, and describes the fact that the machine is equipped with hydrostatic oil bearing technology in all linear and rotary axes. By using diamond tools, optical surface quality can be achieved on a wide range of materials like crystals, nonferrous metals and plastics. Similar to the MMC...

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