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JW JW JW JIS JIS JIS CJ CJ CJ Torsional ■■ Pump Mounting Plates SF MC G D D T T SP SP SP T ■■ Pump Mounting Housings GD GD ■■ LK Series HP ■■ LM Series HP HP ■■ LV Series GD ■■ LVK Series G G ■■ LF Series D ■■ L-LOC Clamping Feature MC MC ■■ Selection Process SF SF In This Section: UJ UJ UJ VSD VSD VSD R R R SLD SLD SLD ED ED ED 259 TT-1

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SF SF SF MC MC MC G G G HP CJ CJ CJ JIS JIS JIS JW JW JW Torsional HP HP Safety Warning When using Lovejoy products, you must follow these instructions and take the following precautions. Failure to do so may cause the power transmission product to break and parts to be thrown with sufficient force to cause severe injury or death. GD GD GD D D D T T T SP SP SP Refer to this Lovejoy Catalog for proper selection, sizing, horsepower, torque range, and speed range of power transmission products, including elastomeric elements for couplings. Follow the installation instructions included with the...

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Torsional Lovejoy torsional coupling are designed to dampen torsional vibrations and tune, or adjust the system’s critical speeds away from the application’s operating range. With the proper information (see Torsional Worksheet on page T-10) Lovejoy engineers can perform a Torsional Vibration Analysis, or TVA for your application to assist in the selection of a torsional coupling. See sample TVA in the graph to the right. CJ JIS CJ Lovejoy offers a wide range of torsional couplings engineered to solve torsional vibration problems found in diesel engine driven equipment and other...

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Torsional Overview JW JIS CJ CJ SF SF MC MC Configuration: LV Series couplings are designed for mounting on standard SAE J620 flywheels with The the element bonded to the mounting plate. The face plate is specially designed to interface with flange mounted universal joints popular in the agricultural deep well pump markets. Application: diesel engine driven equipment, flange interfaces, and universal joint driveshaft driven Any equipment. Nominal torque range (TKN): up to 10,820 in-lb (1223 Nm) Max angular, parallel, and axial misalignment: based on SAE design parameters Element material:...

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Torsional Engine Application Selection Process JW JW JIS JIS CJ CJ SF When correctly sized, the Lovejoy Torsional Coupling will effectively dampen vibration and tune critical frequencies out of the operating range of systems driven by diesel, gasoline, or natural gas reciprocating engines. Some coupling selections can be verified using a Torsional Vibration Analysis performed by Lovejoy Engineering (see worksheet page T-10). SF Step 2: pplication Torque A Select a coupling size with a nominal torque rating (TKN) greater or equal to the application torque (TLN) calculated with the following...

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Engine Application Selection Process Step 6: Critical Speeds Due to Resonance Select coupling stiffness so the system does not run at high resonance as well as the normal running and idle speeds are not at or near critical speeds. Critical speeds are related to the system natural frequency and the number of pulses or excitations generated per revolution i (order). For analysis, if possible, reduce the application to a 2-mass system and apply the following equations: nR = critical resonance speed of the system (RPM) CTdyn = dynamic torsional stiffness of the coupling (Ib-in/rad) JA = mass...

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Torsional Industrial Application Selection Process JW JW JIS JIS CJ CJ SF While the Torsional coupler was developed to solve the unique problems associated with the torsional vibration in equipment driven by internal combustion engines, the coupling works equally well in general industrial applications. For these electric motor-powered and other non-engine applications, use the following simple selection procedure (Refer to page T-6 for engine-driven applications). SF MC G Step 3: Determine Service Factor Step 1: Coupling Selection Select the torsional coupling model that best suits your...

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Torsional Application Service Factors Selection Data JW JIS CJ SF SF Operating Frequency f (Hz) √ f / 10 Vr Ψ HTR 50 Shore 10 0.6 HTR 60 Shore 8 0.78 Hytrel® – 0.5 Zytel – 0.4 G Coupling Element HP HP Figure 3: esonance Factor Vr R GD GD ® G 1 Frequency Factor Sf MC > 10 MC ≤ 10 Note: n HTR is High Temperature Rubber. Permissible Misalignment vs. Speed D D Figure 4: Permissible Misalignment vs. Speed HTR (Angular & Parallel) 3000 Zytel (Angular) 2000 SP SP T 4000 T Operating Speed 5000 1000 0 100 UJ 50 UJ 0 150 Percent of Rating for Allowable Misalignment at TKN VSD VSD Zytel® Acids & Bases...

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Torsional For assistance in selecting a Torsional coupling for your internal combustion engine application, please complete the entire worksheet and fax it to 800-446-0878 or send via email to Direct questions to 630-852-0500. JIS JIS Coupling Selection Worksheet for Internal Combustion Engines (diesel, gas, natural gas) JW JW Coupling Selection Worksheet Customer Information Date:_ __________________________________________ CJ CJ Company Name:________________________________________________________ Contact Name:_____________________________________________ Phone...

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L-LOC Clamping Feature and Spline Identification Lovejoy's L-LOC Spline Clamping Feature Spline shaft wear, profile distortion, and fretting corrosion all are major concerns in spline shaft applications such as hydraulic pumps. We are pleased to state that Lovejoy has a solution. It's called the L-LOC. It is common knowledge that typical manufacturing tolerances between spline shafts and mating coupling hubs create some unavoidable play or backlash. This backlash is defined as the minor movement between the shaft and hub, typically resulting in wear. This tolerance related movement and wear...

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Torsional LF Series JIS CJ CJ SF SF The LF Series coupling is designed with a unique and highly versatile elastomeric element. These can be easily integrated into a variety of coupling configurations to meet several application needs. LF Style elements are available in a variety of materials to match the necessary coupling dampening characteristics for tuning the systems critical speed away from the application operating speed. The element can be connected axially to a flywheel adapter plate or flanged hub and radially to a cylindrical center hub using the appropriate bolts. Axial bolt...

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