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S-Flex Endurance Couplings Catalog - 28 Pages

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S-Flex Endurance Couplings Catalog

Catalog excerpts

J Type Couplings S Type Couplings B Type Couplings SC Type Spacers T Type Couplings IMPROVED! New EPDM Sleeve lasts at least 3X longer Reliable Performance. Easier Assembly.

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WARNING Failure to observe the following warnings could cause the power transmission product to break and parts to be thrown with sufficient force to cause serious injury or death. Selection. Do not exceed catalog ratings. Refer to the Lovejoy catalog for proper selection, sizing, horsepower, torque range, and speed range of these products. Installation. Proper maintenance, handling, and shop practices are critical. Follow all installation instructions included with the product and provided by your equipment manufacturer, and all applicable federal, state, and local regulations concerning...

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Sr lex EnduranceFeatures & Benefits Features ■ Easy to install, no special tools required ■ Low maintenance, no lubrication required ■ Standardized and interchangeable ■ Double engagement for reliability The reformulated S-Flex Endurance™ is the longest lasting and best performing EPDM product available in the marketplace today ■ The S-Flex Endurance coupling design is comprised of three parts: two flanges with internal teeth engage an elastomeric flexible sleeve with external teeth ■ Torque is transmitted through the flanges mounted on both the driver and driven shafts via the sleeve ■...

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S-Flex Endurance Overview Components Elastomer Sleeves Meet The New EPDM Sleeve Continue to enjoy the S-Flex benefits, just enjoy them at least 3X longer. ■ Lasts at least 3X as long as the previous design, saving you valuable downtime opportunity costs and maintenance labor costs ■ Provides at least 30% increased torque rating ■ Allows for product downsize in 50% of applications creating an average cost savings of 23-33% for sleeve replacement Extensive testing performed by our engineering department compared the new and improved EPDM S-Flex Endurance sleeve material to Lovejoy’s previous...

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S- Flex Endurance-Selection Process S-Flex Endurance Coupling Selection Process The selection process for determining the proper S-Flex Endurance coupling requires using the charts shown on the following pages. There are a total of three components to be selected, two flanges and one sleeve. Information necessary before a coupling can be selected: ■ HP and RPM of Driver or running torque ■ Shaft size of Driver and Driven equipment and corresponding keyways ■ Application or equipment description ■ Environmental conditions (i.e. extreme temperature, corrosive conditions, space limitations)...

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S-Flex Endurance Overview Nomenclature Nomenclature See side of box for the complete Item Description. See breakdown of Item Description below: A complete standard coupling unit consists of two flanges and one sleeve. Flanges Example Item Description: 13S FLNG 2-3/8 5/8 X 5/16 KW Description Description of item such as "FLNG," or "FLANGE" Flange Type J Type — Zinc Die Cast and Cast Iron S Type — Cast Iron B Type — Cast Iron with bushing T Type — Cast Iron w/Taper-lock bushing SC Type — Cast Iron Spacer (no bore dimension required) Keyway Size Bore Size In inch or metric Notes: I Inch bore...

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S-rlex Endurance'Application Service Factors Overview Application Service Factors Chart 1 Service Factors Service Factors Service Factors Caution: Applications involving reciprocating engines and reciprocating driven devices are subject to critical rotational speeds which may damage the coupling and/or connected equipment. Contact Lovejoy Engineering with specific requirements. Note: ■ 1 indicates: If people are transported, Lovejoy does not recommend and will not warranty the use of the coupling.

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S-Flex Endurance'Performan ce Data Sleeve Performance Data Chart 2 Note: ■ 1 indicates: Operating Hytrel within a high service factor application is not recommended.

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Item Selection S-rlex Endurance~S Type Inch Bore / Keyway The S Type coupling consists of two flanges and one sleeve. S Type Flange - Inch Bore and Key way UPC Number Selection Table Bore

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Item Selection S-rlex Endurance'Standard Sleeve, J and S Type Metric Bore / Keyway The J and S Type coupling consists of two flanges and one sleeve. S-Flex Endurance Standard Sleeve UPC Number Selection Table Bulk Pack Note: ■ 1 indicates: Bulk pack sizes 3-6 contain ten pieces, sizes 7-8 contain five pieces. J and S Type - Metric Bore and Keyway UPC Number Selection Table Bore

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• S-Flex Endurance J, SC, SCH and SCHS Type The J Type coupling consists of two J flanges and one sleeve. J Type Flange - Inch Bore and Key way UPC Number Selection Table Notes: ■ We do not recommend reboring 3J or4J Flanges. ■ See page ED-8 in the Lovejoy full line catalog for standard keyway dimensions. JType The SC Type coupling consists of two SCH or SCHS hubs, two SC spacer flanges, and one sleeve. SC Type Spacer Flanges For Required Shaft Note: ■ 1 indicates: See page SF-23 for other lengths possible thru various combinations. SCH and SCHS Type - Inch Bore and Key way UPC Number...

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Item Selection S-rlex Endurance'Performan ce RatingsS-Flex Endurance Performance Ratings Notes: ■ 1 indicates: Values shown are for an ambient temperature of 75° F (24° C). ■ Coupling ratings are based on sleeve material regardless of flange design.

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Dimensional Data S- Flex Endurance-Sle eve Types S-Flex Endurance Sleeve Types S-Flex Endurance Sleeves ■ Flexible sleeves for Lovejoy S-Flex Endurance couplings are available in three materials (EPDM, Neoprene, and Hytrel®) and in three basic designs: one piece solid, one-piece split, or two piece JE, JN, JES and JNS Types ■ JE and JN Type sleeves feature a one-piece solid design ■ JES and JNS Type sleeves feature a one-piece split design ■ JE and JES Type sleeves are molded in EPDM material ■ JN and JNS Type sleeves are molded in Neoprene material NOW IMPROVED! OD JE, JN, JES and JNS...

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Dimensional Data S-rlex Endurance'JType J Type Flanges and J Type Couplings J Type Flanges ■ The J Type flanges in sizes 3J and 4J are made from die cast of high strength zinc alloy (tensile strength of 41,000 psi) and are furnished bore-to-size ■ Size 5J is provided in either zinc alloy or cast iron depending on the bore size ■ Size 6J is made from cast iron ■ J flanges are compatible with EPDM or Neoprene sleeves ■ Each flange has a keyway and two set screws (one set screw over the key and one at 90° to the keyway) J Type Coupling ■ Complete S-Flex Endurance couplings, with J Type flanges...

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