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RunRight by Lovejoy Catalog - 68 Pages

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RunRight by Lovejoy Catalog

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Tensioners Sprocket / Idler Accessories Motor Bases Oscillating Mounts Rubber Suspension Units Anti-Vibration Mounts The leader in elastomeric tensioning devices

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Lovejoy, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacture of highly engineered industrial power transmission components. Lovejoy, Inc. offers the largest selection of couplings with more than 20,000 different styles and sizes to address the needs of virtually every industry. Other products include shaft locking devices, motor bases, variable speed drives, hydraulic accessories, and vibration and tensioning devices. Lovejoy’s product portfolio is poised to address today’s demand in providing durability, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance. Commitment to Customers and Innovation. With its...

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TENSIONER DEVICES Tensioner Devices Motor Bases OSCILLATING MOUNTS Oscillating Mounts RUBBER SUSPENSION Rubber Suspension Units Anti-Vibration Mounts See pages 59-64

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What makes RunRight Products Superior RunRight rubber suspension units are designed for use in applications requiring a torsional spring feature with angles of operation of +/-30°. When using these units in an application, the torsional force that is applied as well as the radial, axial and/or cardanic forces need to be taken into consideration when sizing a unit. See page 51 for the applicable RunRight units' torque and load characteristics. Md O aMk Spring Characteristic When the RunRight rubber suspension units are pivoted, a nearly linear spring characteristic occurs with a slightly...

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The calculation of the natural frequency of a RunRight suspension unit has to be solved by drawing the tangent line at the loading point “A” of the parabolic arc of the load deflection curve. The distance on the axis of the abscissa, i.e. resulting “S”, designates the arithmetical spring deflection in mm which is required for the determination of the natural frequency. Natural Frequency Cold Flow and Deformation Initial deflection When a load is continually applied to an elastic material, such as the Tensys™ units, deformation or cold flow occurs. Cold flow appears during a linear...

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RunRight Product Technology Service Life Service life When the rubber suspension units are operating within the specified frequencies, oscillation angles, and recommended surrounding conditions, the unit’s performance and function will be expected to perform for many years. Extremely low or high permanent temperatures will significantly shorten the life expectancy of the rubber suspension units. The Service Life Curve Chart shown to the right shows the life reduction at extreme high and low temperatures using a service life of 1 at the room temperature of 72°F (22˚C). Allowable Element...

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Run Righ tby£2mz2f Rubber Compounds Rubber Characteristics The majority of RunRight rubber suspension units are manufactured with Tensys™ 10 natural rubber inserts. The high content of natural rubber in the Tensys 10 offers shape retention, a limited amount of deformation, high mechanical load capabilities and limited hardening of the inserts. Applications requiring high oil resistance, high heat resistance or higher torque capability requires a different elastomeric insert as shown in the chart below. Chemical Resistance Standard RunRight rubber suspension units are manufactured with...

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TENSIONER DEVICES WARNING Failure to observe the following warnings could cause the power transmission product to break and parts to be thrown with sufficient force to cause serious injury or death. Selection. Do not exceed catalog ratings. Refer to the Lovejoy catalog for proper selection, sizing, horsepower, torque range, and speed range of these products. Installation. Proper maintenance, handling, and shop practices are critical. Follow all installation instructions included with the product and provided by your equipment manufacturer, and all applicable federal, state, and local...

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Tensioner Devices TENSIONER DEVICES WARNING Failure to follow these cautions could create a risk of injury. You must refer to page 8 for Important Safety Instructions and Precautions for the selection and use of these products. Failure to follow the instructions and precautions can result in severe injury or death.

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TENSIONER DEVICES r Effectively dampens belt vibrations by applying constant pressure that will continually clean conveyor belts and compensate for scraper wear. V. Accurately transports product by applying constant pressure. Offers a maintenance-free and cost-effective solution while providing a long service life. Double-arm design provides quiet dual slack compensation and diminishes deterioration on rollers and bearing while dissipating system vibrations.

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TENSIONER DEVICES Tensioner Technology Install RunRight tensioners on a rigid, flat and clean machine surface using the mounting bolt provided. The frictional contact between the tensioner housing and the machine surface is usually sufficient for proper installation. If the surface of the machine is uneven or highly corroded, a locking pin can be used at the positioning notch for a secure connection to a machine's irregular surface. Tensioning Force The tensioning force of the RunRight tensioner can be continuously adjusted. The maximum installation tensioning torque is 30° from the neutral...

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RunRight Tensioners Type RT, RT N, RT H, RT R RunRight RT tensioners offer a full range of belt and chain tensioners. They are manufactured with the standard Tensys™ 10 rubber inserts and can be used for applications operating within a -40° to 180°F (-40° to 80°C) temperature range. RunRight RT N tensioners are manufactured with galvanized powder metal parts and are designed for outdoor or oily applications. The Tensys 20 neoprene inserts are oil resistant and can be used for applications operating within a -22° to 195°F (-30° to 90°C) temperature range. RunRight RT H tensioners enable a...

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RunRight Tensioners Type RT F (Front Mount) RunRight RT F tensioners are designed for front mounting applications where access to back side or rear mounting surfaces is not possible. A single threaded hole is required to mount these tensioners. These tensioners include a special mounting screw and spacer bushing. The housings are manufactured from powder metal, cast iron or steel. All arms and inner squares are cast steel or steel weldments. They come with the standard Tensys™ 10 rubber inserts, and can be used for applications operating within a -40° to 180°F (-40° to 80°C) temperature...

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