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Motion Control Catalog

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Motion Control In This Section: ■■ Bellows Style ■■ Mini Soft Style ■■ Mini Disc Style

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Motion Control Safety Warning When using Lovejoy products, you must follow these instructions and take the following precautions. Failure to do so may cause the power transmission product to break and parts to be thrown with sufficient force to cause severe injury or death. Refer to this Lovejoy Catalog for proper selection, sizing, horsepower, torque range, and speed range of power transmission products, including elastomeric elements for couplings. Follow the installation instructions included with the product, and in the individual product catalogs for proper installation of power...

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Motion Control The selection process for determining the proper Motion Control coupling starts with selecting the coupling design that best addresses the application requirements. The Lovejoy Motion Control Coupling Quick Reference Chart (pages MC-12 and MC-13) provides a method of weighing performance characteristics of the Beam, Bellows, Mini-Disc, Oldham, Mini-Soft, Curved Jaw, and Mini-Jaw couplings. ■■Bellows ■■Mini-Soft Each coupling is compared side by side in critical categories such as: material, torque, torsional stiffness, bore capacity, maximum RPM, misalignment capacity,...

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Motion Control Selection Process Lovejoy Coupling Solutions For the BWC and BWLC series Bellows coupling,    Nominal Torque = in-lbs. = HP X 63025 / RPM use the following formulas: Design Torque = SF X Nominal Torque (Motor) X Inertia (Driven) Inertia (Driver) + Inertia (Driven) The Service Factors for the BWC and BWLC series should be: 1.5 for uniform movements, 2.0 for non-uniform movements, and 2.5 (maximum) non-uniform/ shock loading movements. The design torque should always be equal to or lower than the nominal rated torque of the coupling. Please consult the allowable misalignment...

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^ the world turns fe).    f Table of Content^    Motion Control LovejoY Coupling Solutions ASB Series Performance / Dimensional Data ASB Series - Aluminum Single Beam Clamp Style Coupling The ASB (Aluminum Single Beam) Series offers additional outside diameter and overall length dimensions to the EC Series of Beam couplings. These options are extremely helpful in applications where the space available for a coupling is limited. The ASB series also offers slightly larger bore capacities than their equivalent size in the EC Series. The 5 sizes of the ASB Series along with the 3 clamping sizes...

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Lovejoy Coupling Solutions Motion Control ES and EC Series Performance / Dimensional Data ES and EC Series - Single Beam Style Coupling The Beam flexible coupling is formed from one piece of aluminum rod. A spiral slot is cut through the length of the aluminum tube forming a “spring” center section referred to as a helical coil or beam. The flexure allowed by the beam portion of the coupling is capable of accommodating angular, parallel and axial misalignment while continuing to convey power between the attached shafts. This results in a single piece, true flexible coupling. The Miniature...

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^ the world turns fe).    f Table of Content^    Motion Control LovejoY Coupling Solutions ADB Series Performance/Dimensional Data ADB Series - Aluminum Double Beam Clamp Style Coupling The ADB (Aluminum Double Beam) Series coupling enhances the beam coupling options available from Lovejoy Inc. The longer overall length allows the ADB series to span longer BSE (between shaft end) measurements. The aluminum material used in its construction keeps the coupling’s weight low. The ADB design offers two flex points allowing for greater angular misalignment, up to 7°. This design also allows for...

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Lovejoy Coupling Solutions Motion Control BWC Series Performance / Dimensional Data BWC Series - Bellows Clamp Style Coupling The BWC (Bellows Clamp) Series coupling provides a new range of coupling options with the high torsional stiffness. The higher torsional stiffness provides the benefit of accuracy and repeatability in motion control applications. The BWC series coupling features aluminum hubs and corrosion resistant steel bellow. The compact design also offers the benefit of low inertia. The BWC Series also has a torque capacity of up to 89 in-lbs, with a maximum bore capacity of...

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Lovejoy Coupling Solutions Motion Control BWLC Series Performance / Dimensional Data BWLC Series - Bellows Clamp Style Coupling The BWLC (Bellows Clamp) Series coupling specifically addresses higher torque and bore capacities in the area of motion control. The BWLC Series offers the highest amount of torsional stiffness for accuracy and repeatability. The BWLC Series coupling features a corrosion resistant steel bellow and aluminum or steel hubs. The BWLC Series also has a torque capacity of up to 1,328 in-lbs, with a maximum bore capacity of 1.574 inches in diameter. The larger size of the...

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Lovejoy Coupling Solutions Motion Control MDSD Series Performance / Dimensional Data MDSD Series - Mini Disc Single Disc Clamp Style Coupling The compact design of the MDSD (Mini Disc Single Disc) Series accommodates applications that allow for a minimum amount of space for the coupling. The MDSD Series coupling also features a high torsional stiffness over the MD and MDS Series. The MDSD Series also has the lowest inertia of the mini disc designs. Features ■ Zero backlash design ■ Highest torsional stiffness ■ Aluminum hubs with stainless steel discs ■ Moderate-high torque capabilities ■...

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Motion Control Coupling Types CJ ES/EC Series Single beam with setscrew or clamping options ASB Series Single beam with clamping style for higher torque applications Double Beam clamping style coupling Standard Bellows style coupling Bellows style coupling Anodized Aluminum Aluminum hubs with stainless steel bellows Aluminum hubs with stainless steel bellows Bore Capacity Angular Misalignment Parallel Misalignment Axial Misalignment Maximum Temperature Anodized Aluminum Material Type Quick Reference Torsional Stiffness Torque Capacity (Nominal)

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