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Gear catalog

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JW JW JW JIS JIS JIS CJ CJ CJ Gear SF SF SF MC G G ■■ Nyflex® and Mite® G ■■ C Types – Continuous Sleeve MC MC In This Section: HP HP ■■ F Types – Flanged Sleeve HP ■■ Dentex® ■■ R Types – Rigid Adjustable GD GD GD D D D ■■ Coupling Grease SP SP SP T T T UJ UJ UJ VSD VSD VSD R R R SLD SLD SLD ED ED ED 115 G-1 G-

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SF SF SF MC MC MC G G G HP CJ CJ CJ JIS JIS JIS JW JW JW Gear HP HP Safety Warning When using Lovejoy products, you must follow these instructions and take the following precautions. Failure to do so may cause the power transmission product to break and parts to be thrown with sufficient force to cause severe injury or death. GD GD GD D D D T T T SP SP SP Refer to this Lovejoy Catalog for proper selection, sizing, horsepower, torque range, and speed range of power transmission products, including elastomeric elements for couplings. Follow the installation instructions included with the...

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Gear Lovejoy / Sier-Bath Continuous Sleeve and Flanged Sleeve Couplings JW JIS JIS JW Overview SF SF CJ CJ Flanged Sleeve Series Features Features MC MC Continuous Sleeve Series ■■Patented Vari-Crown® tooth form for long coupling life ■■Comparatively simple installation ■■All steel sleeves and hubs (stainless steel available) ■■Precision cut 20° pressure angle gear teeth with minimum backlash G G ■■Simple and inexpensive all steel type of gear coupling constructed with a single sleeve and 2 hubs ■■Most standard configurations are available as stock items ■■Sizes 7/8 through 12, to...

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Gear Overview JW JW Lovejoy / Sier-Bath Nyflex® and Mite® JIS JIS Lovejoy / Sier-Bath Nylon couplings are compact and require no lubrication. They operate over a wide temperature range at speeds up to 5,000 RPM and are effectively used in applications such as Motor/ Generator sets, pump sets, and many light to medium duty industrial coupling applications. ■■Molded nylon sleeve MC G HP GD GD ■■No internal frictional loss or heat buildup ■■Minimum backlash HP Features 2 Hubs Sintered iron is standard in the Nyflex and Mite. Teeth are crowned to provide greater misalignment capacity and to...

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Lovejoy / Sier-Bath Continuous Sleeve Series Couplings ■ Basis for all types of Lovejoy / Sier-Bath Continuous Sleeve ■ Low profile compact design is easy to implement ■ Single (flex-rigid) or double (flex-flex) engagement Mill Motor CMM Type ■ Designed with longer universal hub on one end to accommodate straight or tapered shafts ■ Standard hub and sleeve on the other end ■ Universal hub bored to customer specifications ■ Available with longer universal hubs on both ends Floating Shaft CFS Type ■ Two flex-rigid couplings connected by an intermediate shaft ■ Increased capability to...

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Gear Overview JW JW Lovejoy / Sier-Bath Flanged Sleeve Series Couplings Standard F Type JIS JIS ■■Double engagement (‘F’ flex-flex) for parallel and angular misalignment SF SF ■■FHD Type standard for sizes 10 through 30 (other sizes available upon request) CJ ■■Industry standard flange bolt patterns Section Pages G-34 and G-35 Section Pages G-36 and G-37 Section Pages G-40 and G-41 CJ F Type FFR Type FHD Type ■■Single engagement (‘FFR’ flex-rigid) accommodates angular misalignment only and is ideal for floating shaft applications MC MC Rigid-Rigid FRR Type ■■Designed for connecting two...

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Gear Overview JW JW Slide FSL and FSLX Types ■■Allows for a predetermined amount of axial slide FSL Type FSLX Type JIS Section pages G-50, G-51, G-52 and G-53 ■■Custom slide lengths available CJ CJ JIS ■■Longer hubs and sleeves available to accommodate additional slide capacity ■■Designed to limit and protect equipment against excessive torque or sudden shock loads ■■Shear pins designed and manufactured to shear at predetermined torque loads FSHP and FSHPB Type Contact Lovejoy Technical Support MC MC SF SF Shear Pin FSHP and FSHPB Types ■■Pins are inserted in hardened bushings to minimize...

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Lovejoy / Sier-Bath All Metal Labyrinth Seal Series Couplings ■ AIIAISI4140 Alloy Steel Design ■ No rubber seals - metal labyrinth design ■ Standard with exposed bolts ■ Fully interchangeable with Industry standards ■ Ideal for higher temperature applications ■ Double engagement ('F' flex-flex) for parallel and angular misalignment ■ Industry standard flange bolt patterns FLA Type Section Pages G-60 and G-61 Single Engagement FLAFR Type I Single engagement ('FFR' flex-rigid) accommodates angular misalignment only and is ideal for floating shaft applications Mill Motor FLAMM Type ■ First hub...

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Lovejoy Alloy Steel Series Couplings I All alloy steel construction I Fully molded seals maintain lubricant retention under misalignment I Exposed bolts are standard, shrouded bolts are optional ■ Double engagement ('F' flex-flex) for parallel and angular ■ Industry standard flange bolt patterns FA Type Section Pages G-66 and G-67 Single engagement FAFR Type ■ Single engagement ('FFR' Flex-Rigid) accommodates angular misalignment only and is ideal for floating shaft applications FAFR Type Contact Lovejoy Technical Support Mill Motor FAMM Type ■ First hub designed with longer universal hub...

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Gear Overview JW JW Vari-Crown® Tooth Form CJ CJ With straight hub teeth, there is a high concentration of load under misaligned conditions. As misalignment increases, more of the load is carried by the ends of the teeth, resulting in premature breakdown and coupling failure. JIS JIS Straight SF SF G HP HP G Some manufacturers use a conventionally crowned hub tooth known by various trade names. Regardless of the nomenclature, however, the contour of the tooth is a segment of an arc. Under all operating conditions, equal or similar contact areas between the hub teeth and the sleeve teeth...

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Gear JIS CJ The following is a list of the information necessary to assist in making a coupling selection. Not all of these items will come into play in all selection processes. These items include, but are not limited to: Application related: • Application details • Type of motor and driven equipment • Motor horsepower or KW • Operating/coupling speed • Shaft sizes and separation • Space and size constraints • Environment (temperature, chemicals, etc) • Balance requirements • Special modifications Step 4: ompare the required total torque value with the nominal torque capacity C listed in...

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