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FARR Gear Catalog

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FARR Coupling Overview and Performance Data The FARR Coupling is used when a rigid connection is required between the low speed shaft of a gearbox and the head shaft of a conveyor, bucket elevator, mixer or any overhung or suspended load. When sized properly, the FARR Coupling will carry the application torque, weight of gearbox, motor and swing plate. In the case of a mixer, it will carry the weight of the shaft and impeller, thrust forces and resulting bending moments. Components of a FARR Coupling consist of male and female piloted hubs made from 4140 alloy steel. The hubs are extended...

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FARR Coupling Dimensional Data FARR Dimensional Data G Max Rough Stock Notes: n 1 Indicates: Total coupling weight with one maximum bore hub and one Rough Stock Bore hub. n Interference Bores are standard unless otherwise specified. n Bores and Keyways are machined to meet dimension tolerances defined in ANSI / AGMA 9002-B04 for inch and ISO 286-2 for metric.

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FARR Coupling Selection Guide A. Obtain The Following Information: • Application • Horsepower & RPM • Gearbox (Reducer) Ratio • Output Speed • All Shaft Sizes • Overhang Load • Lever Arm (Distance from end of Gearbox output Shaft to Center-Line of Gearbox or Center Line of Gravity) B. Calculate Application Torque: C. Calculate Design Torque by applying 2.0 Service Factor to application torque. 2.0 x T (in-lb) = Design Torque D. elect coupling with a torque capacity equal to or greater than the Design Torque from S the Performance Data table. E. erify that the Bore capacity of the coupling...

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FARR Coupling Selection Form When selecting a FARR style coupling, please provide Lovejoy Application Engineering with the information requested in the following worksheet. Please send form to Lovejoy at appleng@lovejoy-inc.com or fax to 800-446-0878. Customer: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: __________________ Contact: _______________________________________________________________________ email address: ____________________________________ Phone Number: _...

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Safety Warning When using Lovejoy products, you must follow these instructions and take the following precautions. Failure to do so may cause the power transmission product to break and parts to be thrown with sufficient force to cause severe injury or death. Refer to this Lovejoy Catalog for proper selection, sizing, horsepower, torque range, and speed range of power transmission products, including elastomeric elements for couplings. Follow the installation instructions included with the product, and in the individual product catalogs for proper installation of power transmission...

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Lovejoy® Products Sier-Bath® Gear Couplings Disc Couplings Grid Couplings Universal Joints Torsional Couplings Motion Control Couplings S-Flex Couplings Shaft Locking Devices Lovejoy, Inc. World Headquarters 2655 Wisconsin Avenue Downers Grove, IL 60515 U.S.A. Phone: 630-852-0500 Fax: 630-852-2120 info@lovejoy-inc.com Lovejoy Canada 171 Superior Boulevard Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5T 2L6 Phone: 905-670-9421 Fax: 905-670-4594 lovejoycanada@lovejoy-inc.com www.lovejoy-inc.com Lovejoy® is a registered trademark of Lovejoy, Inc. All other trademarks, brands, and names mentioned in this...

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