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Complete Lovejoy Catalog - 522 Pages

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Complete Lovejoy Catalog

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Application Analysis High Technology Design Engineered Solutions The leader in power transmission products. 171 Superior Boulevard Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5T 2L6 Phone: 905-670-9421 Fax: 905-670-4594 Worldwide Support Lovejoy Canada 2655 Wisconsin Avenue Downers Grove, IL 60515 U.S.A. Phone: 630-852-0500 Fax: 630-852-2120 Your Authorized Lovejoy Distributor is: Lovejoy® is a registered trademark of Lovejoy, Inc. All other trademarks, brands, and names mentioned in this publication are property of their respective owners. 1/19 Rev D2 UPC 68514450174 Power Transmission Products 2016 Lovejoy, Inc. World Headquarters Power Transmission Products 2016

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Variable Speed Drives. pages 343-410 Engineering Data. pages 463-486 pages 487-509

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A Global Force in Couplings If you have been searching for a single source for all of your coupling needs, you need look no further. Lovejoy, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacture and sales of standard and specialty couplings. Founded in 1900, Lovejoy, Inc. offers the largest selection of couplings with more than 20,000 different styles and sizes to address the needs of virtually every industry. Other products include shaft locking devices, motorbases, variable speed drives, hydraulic accessories, vibration and tensioning devices, as well as powder metal sintering services. The people...

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Our Commitment to Customers Lovejoy, Inc. has a worldwide reputation for building and sustaining long-term customer satisfaction through quality of service, products and design reliability. Certified to ISO 9001:2008 International Standards for Quality Management, Lovejoy, Inc. manufactures all of its products to the exacting requirements of Lovejoy's first priority is responding to customers' needs all over the world. manufacturing and distribution capacities to produce couplings that are compatible with European standards and used for equipment built for export markets. international...

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A History of Quality and Service 1900 Thomas Lovejoy founds Lovejoy Tool Works, a manufacturer of tooling and machinery for the railroad and steel industries. The original facility is located on Ohio Street in downtown Chicago. 1970 Company headquarters are moved to the current Downers Grove, Illinois location. 1946 The company begins to manufacture Universal Joints. Merlin W. Dangel serves as President of the company until 1964. 1962 Lovejoy begins to manufacture the Uniflex line of couplings. 1971 Lovejoy begins manufacturing a complete line of torsional couplings. 1927 The patent for the...

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2003 Lovejoy establishes European headquarters, Raja-Lovejoy, GmbH in Werdohl, Germany. Today known as R+L Hydraulics. 1995 A line of Curved Jaw couplings, the European standard, is developed by Lovejoy. A gear coupling plant is opened in Downers Grove, Illinois. 1985 S-Flex couplings are added to Lovejoy’s product offering. The patent for the Deltaflex coupling is purchased. Lovejoy becomes ISO 9001 certified. Lovejoy celebrates its 100 year anniversary and introduces a complete line of Disc couplings. Lovejoy opens a warehouse in Almere, Netherlands. Lovejoy introduces the Jaw In-Shear...

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Our Line of Quality Products CJ ■■Elastomer-in-compression design ■■ ccommodates angular misalign­ ents up to A m 2.0° and parallel misalignments up to .086 of an inch ■■The industry’s largest variety of stock bore/ keyway combinations ■■Elastomer-in-shear design ■■Provides dampening of shock loads and vibration ■■Torque capabilities up to 72,480 in-lbs (8 189 Nm) ■■Maximum bore of 5-1/2 inches (140 mm) ■■Three sleeve materials provide flexibility in adapting to application requirements ■■Fully interchangeable with industry standards ■■Wide selection of both inch and metric finished bores...

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Deltaflex Couplings ■ Use whenever smooth power flow and high misalignment are combined ■ Design features flexible links in two planes ■ Available in stainless steel spacer and floating shaft styles ■ Torque capability to 33,000 in-lbs Uniflex Couplings ■ Suitable for applications with high misalignment, space limitations and / or high temperatures ■ Bore sizes from 1/8 to 1-1/2 inches (3 to 28mm) ■ Available in stainless steel Saga Couplings ■ Element-in-compression design is torsional and radially soft ■ Extremely forgiving to all three forms of misalignment ■ Torque capability to 20,000...

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Our Line of Quality Products RunRight™ Tensioners RunRight™ elastomeric rubber suspension elements are multipurpose and designed for versatility whether the motion is pull, push or to tension. The component design creates the combined function of a spring, bearing and dampener all in one unit. RunRight™ Tensioners ■■Low maintenance solution that extends the life of belts and chains by applying a constant tension on these drive systems ■■Functions as a tension device to a broad spectrum of applications and environment conditions RunRight™ Motorbases ■■Maintenance-free tensioning for drive...

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Online Coupling Configurator Go online and try the Lovejoy Coupling Configurator today.

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Selection Criterion Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor are relative ratings. 10 6

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Glossary of Terms Angular Misalignment - A measure of the angle between two shafts. The angle of error between two shafts is the amount of angular misalignment. Sleeve - The elastomeric element in Lovejoy S-Flex type couplings. This term is also used to describe the flexible element which contains the internal teeth on a Gear coupling. This type of sleeve is either continuous or flanged. Axial Misalignment - A change in the gap between the shaft ends from their position when the coupling was installed. Also called end float. Backlash - The amount of free movement between two rotating mating...

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Drawing Notations Drawing Notations for all Lovejoy Dimensional Drawings Notations are found on the top row of Dimensional Data tables.

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