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RBNV-I - 2

Dyeing machines VERTICAL DYEING SYSTEM The pioneering in 1985 of fully automated and robotized yarn dyeing plants based on RBNV dyeing machines and the realization of numerous large plants in the last 30 years, have proven the market impact of this innovative system, backed by years of technological research and development activities and continuous dedication to all details of engineering, manufacturing, testing and servicing. Performance, reliability and technological life are based on a wide range of major technical features summarized in this pamphlet. Fully robotized dyeing plant for...

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RBNV-I - 3

AIR PAD PRESSURIZATION Dyestuffs are injected into the highest turbulence point of liquor circulation pump, in order to originate an intensive stirring effect. RBNV-I, as all Loris Bellini dyeing machines since the beginning of the 50’s, is Air Padded. RBNV-I dyeing machine can be rapidly pressurized at 5 Bar at low liquor temperature. The relevant advantages to this solution are: • Ecology and environment: • Lower Consumption: Only pump and carrier volumes are flooded, with reduction of liquor ratio to a minimum water, steam and power consumption. Substantial savings are realized in term of...

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RBNV-I - 4

Dyeing machines ADJUSTABLE LIQUOR RATIO Liquor ratio is adjustable to optimize processing condition, by means of automatic liquor level control. Level control is of continuous type and liquor level can be preset along the full height of the kier. RBNV-I operates at: A. Low liquor ratio during dyeing phase In dyeing phase RBNV-I dyeing machines operate with liquor ratio from 1:4 to 1:8 in function of yarn package density. Low liquor ratio during dyeing saves process water, steam and auxiliary products added in fixed concentrations in relation with liquor volume (detergents, salts, etc.) and...

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RBNV-I - 5

FLEXIBILITY Quick response to market demand has made flexible loading mandatory. RBNV-I machine operates at will with full load or reduced load in conditions of practically constant liquor ratio. The machine operates at: Half load Reduced load Full load The variable loading system OPERATES ON ALL KINDS OF MATERIALS to be dyed, as rigid or compressible yarn packages, tops, bumps, loose stock, tow, with the adoption of interchangeable modular dyeing carriers. Pump flow rate is regulated to remain constant at reduced load. The AUTOMATIC COUPLING SYSTEM with total liquor exchange among two or...

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RBNV-I - 8

Dyeing machines HELICOCENTRIFUGAL PUMP The heart of RBNV-I dyeing machine is the inimitable HELICOCENTRIFUGAL type liquor circulation pump, which is a mixed design between an axial and a centrifugal impeller, specifically designed to cover the complete range of differential pressures (Delta P) from 0.2 up to 2.5 Bar. In fact, nowadays, dyeing mills have to be able to process a huge variety of fibres and yarns, from high permeability as acrylic and wool (0.2 to 0.8 Bar) up to low permeability as cotton, viscose and cuproammonia rayon (0.8 to 1.5 Bar), or the super dense Polyester packages (up...

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RBNV-I - 9

THE OPTIMIZED DYEING As all new generation Loris Bellini yarn dyeing machine RBNV-I is equipped with: • INVERTER for step-less pump speed control, which operates pump speed with accuracy of 1 PM and saves up to 40% of electric power consumption on high permeability yarns. Pump speed is controlled automatically for both Inside-Outside and Outside-Inside directions. • ADPS. An automatic differential pressure control system. Which monitors and controls differential pressures Inside-Out and Outside-In of material and adjusts automatically the pump operating speed to maintain the preset value of...

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RBNV-I - 10

Dyeing machines MODULAR DESIGN RBNV-I dyeing machines are engineered for modular construction on the basis of autoclave internal diameter and useful dyeing carrier height. Standard industrial machines can be selected among a series of optimized sizes, which ensure to always operate in the most convenient MLR conditions, according to the package type and size. Special dimensions according to Customer's requirements are available on request. Large size machines, up to 2500 kg/batch in single kier, can be supplied on demand MODULAR CONSTRUCTION is extended also to: • Liquor circulation pumps •...

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RBNV-I - 11

MACHINE PROCESS MANAGEMENT "Leonardo" Industrial PC machine controller. RBNV-I dyeing machines can be supplied with Leonardo PC computers designed to be optionally interfaced to a central host computer station for dyehouse management. Leonardo operates on industrial PC with features of: • Reliability in dye-house operating conditions up to 50°C room temperature. • Touch Screen interface for easy programming • "Multitasking" operation. • Presetting for network connection with external computer for centralize dye-house management • Machine configuration simply by software. • Automatic fault...

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RBNV-I - 12

printed on ecological paper Dyeing machines Via XI Febbraio, 26 Bollate (Milano) Italy Phone +39 02 3330871 Fax +39 02 3501665 www.lorisbellini.com E-mail: info@lorisbellini.com

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