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RBNO-I - 2

Dyeing machines HORIZONTAL DYEING SYSTEM The patented RBNO horizontal yarn dyeing machine has been shown as an advanced prototype during ITMA 83 International Exhibition. The European Patent No. 89.109.914.0 was obtained in December 1984, followed by Patent Rights in all main developed countries. RBNO is an international best seller for yarn package dyeing, with over 700 machines installed worldwide, covering all the sectors of textile industry. In 1985 RBNO was the base of the world first fully robotized yarn package dye-house. The large number of fully and partly robotized plants in...

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RBNO-I - 3

INNOVATIONS The new machine has been redesign to follow the market needs . Production range widening, consumptions reduction and loading flexibility drove the design of the new model The innovated RBNO-I models represent the solution that meets the industry trends, in terms of Operational Costs Reduction, flexibility, production range capacity, versatility. NEW HORIZONTAL SMALL BACTHES MACHINE Together with its “old” sisters RBNO-I 1800 ad RBNO-I 1400, a RBNO-I 840 is now available to cover a production range of 35 to 200 kg Over the years everyday more spinning mills decided to add value to...

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RBNO-I - 4

Dyeing machines DYEING TECHNOLOGY RBNO-I as all Loris Bellini dyeing machines, since the beginning of the 50’s, is Air Padded. RBNO-I dyeing machine can be rapidly pressurized at 5 Bar at low liquor temperature. NO external Expansion Tank means no continuous external circulation, thus liquor expansion volume realized directly into the autoclave • Dyestuff exhaustion is perfectly equalized Air pad pressurization allows to inject dyestuffs and chemicals directly into the main liquor circuit by means of single tank or a multi tanks color-kitchen. Dyestuffs are injected into the highest turbulence...

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RBNO-I - 5

GROUND-FLOOR INSTALLATION The complete RBNO-I system (dyeing machines, dryers, handling equipment) is installed at floor level. Dyeing carriers are loaded and unloaded horizontally and are transported at ground level by a rail-mounted shuttle system or wheeled trolleys. • • No Crane, and all the relevant infrastructure, needed Elimination of underground civil works SINGULAR OR MODULAR CARRIERS LAYOUT FOR FLEXIBILITY AND QUICK RESPONSE CONSTANT LIQUOR RATIO WHEN DYEING SMALL TO VERY LARGE PACKAGES The new RBNO-I machine, not needing dummy boxes to work at variable load, can be both flexible...

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RBNO-I - 8

Dyeing machines LIQUOR CIRCULATION SYSTEM The most important reason of such a world wide success: an exclusive, innovative, dedicated pump and liquor circulation system engineered for: The internal chamber operates as heat insulation. Liquor turbulence Minimization Evenness of liquor distribution on all carrier areas Large cotton yarn packages (ex.1800gr. weight, 215mmm. outside diameter, 6' traverse). Complete access to all components for an easy inspection and maintenance. The hydraulic circuit is completely free from bottlenecks or restrictions which determine in conventional autoclaves...

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RBNO-I - 9

HELICOCENTRIFUGAL PUMP The heart of RBNO-I dyeing machine is the inimitable HELICOCENTRIFUGAL type liquor circulation pump, which is a mixed design between an axial and a centrifugal impeller, specifically designed to cover the complete range of differential pressures (Delta P) from 0.2 up to 2.5 Bar. In fact, nowadays, dyeing mills have to be able to process a huge variety of fibers and yarns, from high permeability as acrylic and wool (0.2 to 0.8 Bar) up to low permeability as cotton, viscose and cuproammonia rayon (0.8 to 1.5 Bar), or the super dense Polyester packages (up to 2.0 Bar), in...

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RBNO-I - 10

Dyeing machines As all new generation Loris Bellini yarn dyeing machine RBNO-I is equipped with: • INVERTER for step-less pump speed control, which operates pump speed with accuracy of 1 PM and saves up to 40% of electric power consumption on high permeability yarns. Pump speed is controlled automatically for both Inside-Outside and Outside-Inside directions. • ADPS. An automatic differential pressure control system. Which monitors and controls differential pressures Inside-Out and Outside-In of material and adjusts automatically the pump operating speed to maintain the preset value of...

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RBNO-I - 11

MACHINE PROCESS MANAGEMENT "Leonardo" Industrial PC machine controller. RBNO-I dyeing machines can be supplied with Leonardo PC computers designed to be optionally interfaced to a central host computer station for dyehouse management. Leonardo operates on industrial PC with features of: • Reliability in dye-house operating conditions up to 50°C room temperature. • Touch Screen interface for easy programming • "Multitasking" operation. • Presetting for network connection with external computer for centralize dye-house management • Machine configuration simply by software. • Automatic fault...

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RBNO-I - 12

printed on ecological paper Dyeing machines Via XI Febbraio, 26 Bollate (Milano) Italy Phone +39 02 3330871 Fax +39 02 3501665 www.lorisbellini.com E-mail: info@lorisbellini.com

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