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APPC-LV PRESSURE DYEING CABINET FOR HANKS The APPC-LV cabinets have set new standards in flexibility, reliability and automation. Backed by more than 40 years of engineering and manufacturing experience and over 3000 cabinets in operation worldwide, the LV Series have been developed with the assistance of several professional users. FLEXIBILITY •Variable loading system at constant liquor ratio •Fully interchangeable loaders for hanks of different reeling diameters •Continuous liquor flow rate regulation system by Inverter. APPC-LV pressure cabinets use fully interchangeable loaders for...

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AUTOMATIC AIR-PAD PRESSURIZATION APPC-LV cabinets operate at 0.4 bar static pressure up to 110°C temperature. Static pressure is obtained by a compressed air pad in the zone above the dyeing liquor. The air-pressurized zone acts as expansion chamber for the increase of liquor volume during temperature rise or additions of dyes and chemicals and occupies approx. 25% of internal volume. Static pressure is automatically controlled by air inlet and pressure regulation/release valves. Air-pad pressurizing has a large number of practical plus-points: A. EXPANSION VOLUME INSIDE THE CABINET. No...

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APPC-LV LIQUOR RATIO CONTROL SYSTEM The main advantage of APPC-LV pressurization system is that liquor volume and loading rate are automatically controlled. Machine filling is done by continuous automatic level probes or electronic liter-counter. The dyer can operate the machine with the best-suited liquor ratio. Liquor ratio parameter is perfectly repeatable batch-to-batch and controlled based on dyestuffs solubility and process phase. A-LOW DYEING LIQUOR RATIO. Dyeing liquor ratio 9-10:1 for mercerized cotton and 12-14:1 for acrylics. Material is completely immersed in dyeing liquor with...

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Continuous level controls on APPC-LV enable to equalize the liquor ratio between machines of different sizes in order to maintain constant the standard dyeing recipes regardless of machine capacity. On APPC-LV the reduction of liquor ratio it is realized, besides air pad pressurization, by CAD-CAM engineering and manufacturing: •Separate heating and cooling heat exchangers inside each chamber • Stainless steel plate thickness of 6 mm. to allow highest manufacturing accuracy and elimination of gaps between loader and dyeing chamber. •Total elimination of external pipings by use of rear wall...

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VLS VARIABLE LOADING SYSTEM. The outstanding operating flexibility of APPC-LV is enhanced by use of interchangeable hank loaders for dyeing: •Hanks of different sizes and reeling circumference. •Dyeing of half-loads at constant liquor ratio and flow rate/kg Continuous level controls enable filling of water to flood the yarn hanks regardless of their size. Interchangeable loaders establish the recycling height by the height of their rear wall. Liquor circulates between rear wall of loader and rear wall of chamber. Liquor circulation pump is controlled at stepless speed by Inverter (AC power...

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OPEN LIQUOR CIRCULATION SYSTEM The hydraulic circuit is designed to prevent turbulence in the dyeing chamber for accurate dyeing of the most delicate yarns without felting and entanglements for high-speed hankcone rewinding. Bottlenecks leading to uncontrolled differences in linear liquor velocity have been totally eliminated. The reversible axial circulation pump is installed outside the dyeing chamber. Pump is engineered and manufactured by Loris Bellini for high flow rate at low pressure. The connection between pump and dyeing chamber is by variable section ducts. The largest...

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MODULAR CONSTRUCTION Sticks have standard width of 1003 mm., are interchangeable between all machines and suitable to be used on automated continuous squeezing and drying lines. Loris Bellini's APPC-LV pressurized cabinets are available in different capacities and with diversified equipment to meet any requirement. Interchangeable, modular loaders permit dyeing hanks of different lengths. WOOLLEN AND WORSTED •HB 860 loader. For hanks of max. 860 mm suspended length. Hank length after bulking from 565 to 745 mm. This loader size is used throughout Europe for dyeing woollen and worsted yarns...

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RAPID DOOR LOCKING DEVICE The device automatically closes and locks the doors by means of two pneumatic jacks, an electropneumatic device for sequential operation and operator safety interlocks. The sequence is: •A horizontal-acting pneumatic cylinders swings the door closed against its sealing gasket. •A vertical-acting pneumatic cylinder operates door safety locking. The rapid locking device: •Eliminates a tedious work by the operator and cuts door closing/opening times to 1/3. •Assists high-density loading of bulky hanks of HB acrylics yarns and blends. •Applies a controlled pressure to...

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APPC-LV ACCESSORIES APPC-LV can be equipped on demand with the following options: A. Automatic color kitchen. Air pad pressurization enables to easily centralize an automatic color kitchen with 2 to 6 tanks for multiple products preparation and injection at preset time intervals. The kitchen may be installed up to 70 meters away from dyeing machine. Installation can be at same floor level or even underground since dye injection is by high-pressure pump. For mercerized cotton, which is mostly dyed with reactive dyestuffs, the most common version is the 6-tank, so that dyestuffs and chemicals...

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F. Automatic coupling system With the automatic coupling system for extended dye batches, the liquor is circulated among machines of the same capacity by means of automatic valves, pipings and a mixing pump. The coupling system is centrally controlled by one of the electric boards of the machines (master/slave). Operating conditions are synchronized (flow rates, temperatures, etc.) The system is complete with piping and automatic valves to equalize liquor levels and static pressures. G. Loader with volume reducer Permits dyeing small lots with similar liquor ratio with respect to the...

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