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Available omologation 4-stroke diesel engine with cylinders in line Fluid-cooled with axial fan. Indirect injection. Single-shaft distribution with rod, valve levers and hydraulic tappets. Geared distribution control. Forced lubrication with vane pump on Total passage external oil filter. Positionable fan and water pump. Automatic extra fuel starting device. Centrifugal governor. Torque regulator. Cast iron engine block with re-borable integral liners. Cast iron cylinder head. Mini excavator Fork lift Wood chipper Aerial platform High pressure cleaner

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Compression ratio Rating kW/HP Water pump delivery at 3000 r.p.m. Cap, of air required for correct combustion @ 3000 r.p.m. l/min. Cap, of air required for correct cooling @ 3000 r.p.m. m Vmin- Recommended battery Minimum pulley diameters for belt drive - short periods of operation (max. time 30 minutes) 25° ■ peak values (max. time 1 minute)_35° Max. intermittent axial load in both directions A-B = 300 kg C - zone in which the radial load acts on the pulley HOMOLOGATIONS EPA Interim TIER IV e 2004/26/CE Stage 3A Sound pressure level dB (A) Sound level polar diagram open field - 7 meters...

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NA Power curve - ISO 3046 - ICXN -_ MN Torque curve - (N curve) C_Specific fuel consumption - (NB curve)_ Power ratings refer to engines equipe with air filter, standard muffler, after being run in and in ambient conditions of 20°C and 1 bar. Power levels drop by 1% every 100m altitude and by Output power for fixed speed application (including generating sets)

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Technical drawings More specific dimensions are available on www.lombardini.it (see table at the bottom of the page) Standard equipment Accessories Intake manifold Exhaust manifold Accelerator control Electric starter and 12V alternator Thermostatic valve Fuel feed diaphragm pump Water pump Flanging plate Flywheel with ring gear Use, maintenance and spare parts booklet LOMBARDINI S.r.l. a Socio unico Via Cav. del Lavoro Adelmo Lombardini, 2 42124 Reggio Emilia - Italia info@lombardini.it www.lombardini.it Different guards according to use Clutch flywheels Hydraulic pump adaptors Keyswitch...

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