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Neolit Data Sheet - 1

NEOLIT Ultrashort Pulse Fiber Seeder for Laser Amplifier SMOOTH ULTRASHORT PULSE GENERATION FEATURES – No consumable components – All in fiber design – Robust to external disturbances – High quality pulses and spectrum – Highly customizable output parameters – Ultra wide spectrum compressible down to 30 fs APPLICATIONS – Seeding femtosecond a

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Neolit Data Sheet - 2

NEOLIT Neolit seeders are novel sources of ultrashort laser pulses, free of consumable components (no SESAM, no bulk optics) which makes them exceptionally long-lasting. The all-fiber design ensures high environmental stability against vibrations and thermal fluctuations. The integration is very simple due to compact single box, passively-cooled construction. High quality temporal and spectral shape of the pulses guarantees excellent results at the output of the laser system. SPECIFICATIONS Model Central wavelength Pulse duration (directly from the fiber) 1) Spectral bandwidth (FWHM)...

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Neolit Data Sheet - 3

Spectrum of Neolit laser (20 MHz, 2 mW), spectrum in long scale Spectrum of Neolit BB model (30 MHz, 30 mW) Autocorrelation function of the pulses of Neolit laser

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Neolit Data Sheet - 4

Drawing of NEOLIT laser head (in mm) Savanoriu ave 235, LT-02300 Vilnius, Lithuania | +370 669 79833 | Ver. 4.2

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