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INDYLIT 10 Industrial Femtosecond Laser for material processing ROBUST DESIGN FOR FLEXIBLE APPLICATIONS FEATURES – Extremely robust and stable – Material microprocessing – Adjustable repetition rate, pulse duration, power – High pulse energy and clean pulse shape – Passively air cooled – Maintenance-free & turn-key – Semiconductor and electronics – Display manufacturing – Battery manufacturing – Stainless steel

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The Indylit 10 is a high energy air-cooled femtosecond laser designed for a variety of ultrafast applications. The laser head features innovative passively-cooled design, ensuring high stability of the optical parameters such as pulse duration, beam pointing and power. Its mechanical construction can withstand almost everything you can throw at it, making the Indylit a new industrial femtosecond technology. Built-in second harmonics (SH) module provides wavelength extension enabling even wider range material processing applications. SPECIFICATIONS Model Average power 2) Max. pulse energy 2)...

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Indylit 10 Data Sheet - 3

Linear horizontal, > 200 : 1 extinction Beam divergence (full angle) Beam pointing (RMS) Beam pointing vs temp. Power stability (RMS) 7) Pulse energy stability (RMS) Warm-up time (cold start) Warm-up time (warm start) Laser control interface Operating voltage Average power consumption (after warm-up) Operating temperature Maximal power rating Transportation/storage temperature Dimensions: Laser head (L × W × H) Control unit (L × W × H) Umbilical length Colling: Laser head Control unit air (passive) 9) forced air (fans) Indylit 10 SH model has also 1030 nm output with the same specifications...

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Indylit 10 Data Sheet - 4

Average power dependence on the pulse repetition rate for infrared and green (SH) output Pulse energy dependence on the pulse repetition rate for infrared and green (SH) output Pulse autocorrelation traces of compressed and maximally stretched 100 μJ pulses Optical spectrum Beam quality measurement and beam profile in far field Power stability measurement after cold start

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IR output SH output (optional) 189 225 mounting option mounting option 7.5 M4 thread 9 mm (mounting option) Drawing of Indylit 10 laser head (in mm) Ready Error Industrial Femtosecond Laser Drawing of Indylit 10 laser power supply (in mm)

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Savanoriu ave 235, LT-02300 Vilnius, Lithuania | +370 669 79833 | Ver. 5.2

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