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BIOLIT 2 Femtosecond Fiber Laser for Biophotonics 1050 nm, 70 fs, 2 W, 15 – 40 MHz CLEAN PULSES LEAD TO SHARP IMAGES FEATURES – Ultra-short and clean pulses – Multiphoton microscopy – Flexible repetition rate – Maintenance-free & turn-key – Integrated dispersion pre-compensati

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The Biolit 2 is a compact, air-cooled femtosecond laser designed for multiphoton microscopy, biophotonics and other non-linear optics applications. The industrial-grade device is exceptionally robust, maintenance-free and affordable. A combination of ultra short (typ 55 fs) and clean pulses with integrated dispersion compensation, excellent beam quality and optimized repetition rate enables unparalleled quality multiphoton imaging while preserving the object. SPECIFICATIONS Model Central wavelength Average power Pulse duration Pulse duration stability Pulse strehl ratio Tunable dispersion...

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Biolit 2 Data Sheet - 3

Pulse Energy Stability (RMS) 6) Warm up time (cold start) Available control interfaces Tuneable pulse repetition rate option 7) Second harmonic option Powering requirements Operating temperature Transportation/storage temperature Colling: Laser head Control unit air (passive) forced air (fans) Dimensions: Laser head (L × W × H) Control unit (L × W × H) Umbilical length Measured during 8 h operation starting 30 minutes after warm-up. Environmental temperature stability within ± 1 °C. Equivalent of 80 mm of SF10 glass. Even higher dispersion (up to 30’000 fs2) of the external optical system...

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Biolit 2 Data Sheet - 4

bandwidth-limited measured pulse Output spectrum from Biolit 2 laser Measured autocorrelation function of the pulses from Biolit 2 laser M² (major) = 1.14 M² (minor) = 1.04 M² (avg.) = 1.09 Ellipt. (worst) = 0.944 Long term power stability of Biolit 2 laser (at 1050 nm) Beam diameter dependance on propagation distance (z-scan) of Biolit 2 laser and M² fit

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Biolit 2 Data Sheet - 5

Mounting options Drawing of Biolit 2 laser head (in mm) Industrial Femtosecond Laser Drawing of Biolit 2 power/control supply (in mm)

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Savanoriu ave 235, LT-02300 Vilnius, Lithuania | +370 669 79833 | Ver. 6.1

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