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Drawer cabinets ROBUST ALL-ROUNDERS LISTA drawer cabinets provide a robust and well protected storage option for equipment and many other items. High-quality specifications and a variety of individual configuration options make these robust all-rounders ideal for a wide variety of requirements and environments. Their special design guarantees optimum space utilisation. In addition, housing and drawers can be variably partitioned, intelligently labelled, protected with access control and finished in almost any colour. Nowhere else will you find this degree of flexibility.

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-|- Utmost stability load capacity of housing up to 4 t; load capacity of drawers 75 or 200 kg -j- Can be utilised to the full since chawers can be fully extended and thw dioww shell heights are optimised -|- Well protected against dirt, liquids and mechanical load through closed housing with impact and abrasion-resistant surface -|- Outstanding safety features safety catch to prevent unwanted drawer opwarm and anti-tilt mechanism to prevent opening °f more than one drawer at a time + Corrosion protection with electrophoretic dip painting and enviroimwrtdh-friendly powder coating -j-...

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□ Perfectly smooth running □ Maximum use of drawer space Full extension ■ maximum use of horizontal space ■ everything in view ■ optimum access Optimum shell height ■ drawer sides and rear panels the same height as the fronts ■ maximum use of vertical space ■ optimum protection against items falling out and loss of stored items Pull-out without crossbar ■ perfectly smooth running and ease of movement through differential pull-out without a crossbar ■ enables the drawer to be fully extended Quiet locking tab ■ special plastic cover in the locking tab ■ smooth and quiet locking process □...

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Benefits of LISTA storage systems Storage in drawers Storing small parts in drawers rather than on shelves ensures that stored items are protected from dust and contamination while saving space and optimising organisation. The entire contents of the drawer are visible in no time, whereas with a shelf, items may have to be moved or reached over to gain access. ■ The depth of a compartment can be adapted to suit the stored items at any time, and any number of parts can be placed one behind the other ■ By simply pulling out the drawer, you can clearly see the contents and have everything...

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Variable raised edges ■ raised edges on three sides of stationary cabinets for simple and easy cleaning ■ raised edges on four sides of mobile cabinets to protect the goods being transported Punch out ■ housing covers with pre-perforated holes which can be punched out ■ for retrofitting with a table top or second drawer cabinet on top Base/forklift base ■ optional base and forklift base (for drawer cabinets with a width of 36 E and over) ■ makes it easy to adjust the height of the drawer cabinet ■ enables the loaded cabinet to be lifted and moved with a forklift truck Mobile cabinets Our...

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Individual configuration options As standard, LISTA drawer cabinets are available in seven different widths, two depths and a variety of heights. The configuration options in terms of size, equipment, locking system, colour and drawer partitions are almost unlimited. Our drawer cabinets can be combined individually to suit any working environment in order to make maximum use of available space. They can be extended at any time and therefore offer a scaleable solution tailored to your needs. Typical configurations Configuration as a drawer cabinet Configuration as a drawer cabinet with...

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Drawer cabinets Countless configuration options Covers Partition material Raised edges on three sides and ribbed mat, Resin-coated cover panel, Multiplex cover panel, Raised edges on 4 sides, with push-bar (for mobile cabinets) Slotted dividers, separators, trough walls, metal separators, label holders, plastic boxes and trough separators, milling cutter holders and holding pins, non-slip mats, foam inserts and much more. Locking systems Drawers, pull-out and adjustable shelves, hinged doors KEY Lock, CODE Lock, RFID Lock  or AUTO Lock  Substructures Housing base, 2-way pallet/ forklift...

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12 standard colours Maximum flexibility thanks to free choice of colours All products with a choice of colours are available in 12 standard colours and 6 colour combinations without surcharge. The three-digit colour code (e. g. .010) forms part of the article number. When ordering, please complete the article number by adding the desired three-digit colour code (e. g. 70.701.010). Housings and drawers can also be ordered in different colours. Light grey RAL 7035 Metallic grey NCS S 6502-B Metallic grey NCS S 6502-B Light grey RAL 7035 Light grey RAL 7035 Ruby red RAL 3003 Ruby red RAL 3003...

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Art. no. 78.414.521 Housing: Metallic grey, NCS 6502-B Fronts: Light grey, RAL 7035 (excluding partition material) Ruby red, RAL 3003 All mobile drawer cabinets on these two (excluding partition material) pages are equipped with: 1 raised edge on 4 sides and ribbed mat, 1 push-bar, 1 pair castor holders with nylon castors 0 100 mm, Drawer safety catch on right, Load capacity 400 kg HQ Number of drawers mm |f| D Art. no. O 283 2:1 X 50 / 1 x 150 75 KEY Lock 78.400.XXX When ordering a drawer cabinet from these two pages with CODE Lock, please add the suffix "C" or for RFID or AUTO Lock the...

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S Art. no. 14.252.010 Light blue, RAL 5012 (excluding partition material) Art. no. 14.245.020 Light grey, RAL 7035 (excluding partition material) LISTA quick delivery range These LISTA products in the colours light blue (.010) and light grey (.020) are available ex-works at short notice.

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When ordering a drawer cabinet from these two pages with CODE Lock, please add the suffix "C" or for RFID or AUTO Lock the suffix "F" or "A" to the article number from the table (e.g. 78.467.XXX.C). Other locking systems see p. 28 - 31 Mobile cabinets All mobile drawer cabinets on these two pages are equipped with: 1 raised edge on four sides including ribbed mat, 1 push-bar, 1 pair of castor holders with rubber castors 0 160 mm, single drawer safety catch on the right, load capacity 600 kg 48 = load capacity = locking system

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