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THE BRAND OF BRANDS Workspace equipment from LISTA has been tried and tested thousands of times in the a m ­ uto­ otive industry and motor racing. All major brands rely on the high quality system that flexibly fulfils every customer requirement from single drawer cabinets to fully integrated work lines. The modular design and excellent quality ensure that LISTA applications are a perfect fit, as well as being durable and robust. Special requirements of the sector are implemented in detail. This enables you to benefit from a personalised, coherent solution that makes your workshop better...

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Top expertise in the field of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) • Many years of experience in equipping workshops with repair and workspace equipment • Prestigious references from the automobile industry and motor racing Modular design • Universal modular system • Flexibly configurable by size, equipment, locking system, colour, etc. • Wall-mounted and free-standing elements available Best industrial quality • High-quality materials • Extensive vertical range of manufacture • 10-year guarantee Customised options • Industry-specific products such as heavy-duty shelf units, liquid...

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MRO - 4

UNIFORM AND APPEALING THE LISTA SYSTEM The LISTA system provides you with complete workspace and stor­ ge solutions – from workshop to office. The vast number of a add-ons, equipment options, and configurations means that you can always create the solution that is right for you. With a standardised and aesthetically pleasing look and feel. For greater ef­ ficiency and delighted customers. Because with LISTA your service becomes an experience. Recreation room Workshop trolley

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MRO - 5

Tyre store Free choice of colours From classic grey to a sophisticated corporate design, your LISTA workspace equipment is available in any colour you wish. And you can also order housings and drawers in different colours.

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MRO - 6

ERGONOMIC AND EFFICIENT INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC MODULES, SUPERSTRUCTURES AND ACCESSORIES LISTA knows what is important in the automotive industry. That’s why LISTA offers a wide range of purpose-specific modules, super­­­ structures and accessories to equip your workshop to the highest standards. Industry-specific details and special solutions for compressed air and other typical MRO applications provide top ergo­ omics n and thereby enhance your efficiency and productivity. LISTA BENEFITS AT A GLANCE: Comprehensive range and many different services Countless configurations – one system 18...

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MRO - 7

LISTA – your partner for more than 70 years DEUTSCHE GERMAN QUALIT Y, PREMIUM PREMIUMQUALITÄT, SWISS PRECISION SCHWEIZER PR Ä ZISION: Cabinets With LISTA you can configure the equipment that is right for you from a wide range of standard units. As well as preconfigured cabinets, individually configured and special solutions are possible. Accessories Numerous accessories such as perforated panels, containers, vices and more, ensure an ideal supply and storage of materials. Stainless steel worktops Worktops in stainless steel meet the most stringent requirements in terms of hygiene,...

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MRO - 8

WORKSHOP MODULES Monitor overhead cabinet Overhead cabinet Perforated rear panel Workbench top Hinged door cabinet Disposal cabinet Mobile drawer cabinet Stationary drawer cabinet Media supply cabinet Power module cabinet

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MRO - 9

Focused and expandable Module combination C2 Ideal for a compact workshop solution No compromises on function or ergonomics Heights when levelling feet are set to medium height.

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MRO - 10

Equipment 1 Adjustable shelf 4 Levelling feet Doors mounted W3 LISTA unit Art. No. Equipment Load-bearing capacity: 200 kg 4 Levelling feet LISTA unit C3 Mobile drawer cabinet Number of drawers Load capacity LISTA unit Art. No. * Load capacity max. 75 kg / ** Levelling feet can be ordered optionally if required. C5 Media supply cabinet Equipment 1 Galvanised drip tray 4 Levelling feet Simple disassembly of front cover plate LISTA unit

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MRO - 11

C6 Power module cabinet Equipment 4 Openings for power modules 4 Levelling feet Simple disassembly of front cover plate Power modules: see accessories on page 12 Modules wH LISTA unit Art. No. Sheet steel W1 Monitor overhead cabinet Equipment Full glass doors made from safety glass 4 Ventilation outputs 2 Cable bushings Doors mounted Art. No. right 717 mm 69.926.XXX W2 Overhead cabinet with sliding doors

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MRO - 12

Workbench tops Locking systems Workbench tops made of multiplex Versatile – dirt-repellent and largely impervious to oil and grease Key Lock Standard lock – also as master key system or simultaneously lockable Multiplex top with sheet steel coating Meets high standards – resistant, very easy to clean and versatile Code Lock Direct keyless access via a 4-6 digit code with up to 100 different user codes Workbench tops made of nitrile Versatile – slip-resistant and shock-absorbent, as well as oil and fuel-resistant RFID Lock Functions like Code Lock – use via RFID batch, RFID card or with a...

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MRO - 13

Screwdriver holder for 6 parts Length Art. No. Tool holder vertical, single Length Art. No. Tool holder vertical, double Length Art. No. Spanner holder for 8 spanners Length Art. No. Power modules Connecting cable Simple and quick electrical installation through 3-pin plug and socket connector system Power module 1 1 x switch 1 X 220 V socket Type Art. No. Power module 2 2 x 220 V socket Type Art. No. Power module 3 1 single-pin circuit breaker (CH: 10 A / PE: 16 A) Type Art. No. Power module 5 2 x 2 network sockets RJ45 without network cable, plug+play, cat...

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SYSTEMATIC ORGANISATION SETS THAT FIT ITS DRAWER Plastic boxes and troughs Plastic boxes for front height Plastic boxes 16 plastic boxes: 16 plastic boxes:  4 plastic boxes: 16 plastic boxes:  8 plastic boxes: * Take the usable height of the drawer into account according to the goods to be stored. LISTA Script Foam inserts LISTA script labels for “standard pack” Label size Foam inserts are used for storing very delicate or irregularly shaped parts. To achieve a snug fit, areas can be cut out of the foam with plunge cutters. Specification: Polyethylene plastic Colour: Black More information...

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