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Workbenches & workstation systems Workbenches and workstation systems

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Workbenches and workstation systems The systematic approach overview, ordering system System Planning expertise Ergonomics Colours Workbenches Product benefits Dimensions, loads and options The ordering system Preconfigured workbenches Freely configurable workbenches Workbench tops and accessories Substructures and accessories Hexagonal workbenches Superstructures and accessories Compact workbenches Product benefits Planning information, ordering system Preconfigured compact workbenches Freely configurable compact workbenches Partition material and accessories Superstructures and...

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Individual workstations Product benefits Planning information, ordering system Substructures and accessories Worktops Drawer cabinets Superstructures and accessories Assembly trolleys Product benefits Planning information Freely configurable assembly trolleys and stands Superstructures and accessories Universal superstructures benefits   Product supply and lighting Power Planning information Superstructures and accessories Test and inspection workstations Product benefits  /The modular system Preconfigured computer cabinets Freely configurable test and inspection workstations (Quality...

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Select the size and material of your workbench, then determine your worktop, then select your worktop accessories and the substructure of your workbench or select from a variety of preconfigured models. Determine the substructure of your compact workbench from the five available models and select a suitable workbench top or choose one of the preconfigured compact workbenches. Assemble your own customised worktop from a variety of substructures and matching accessories. Individual workstations from page 376 Select between fixed or mobile side frames, which can be fitted with elements on one...

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Workbenches & workstation systems Universal superstructures Customise your workstation, from support pillars to appliance rails, from rear panels to lighting. Two models are generally available for workbenches or compact workbenches. With loads of 100 kg, we recommend for beech and Multiplex worktops that the supports be mounted on the worktop. For loads up to 150 kg, recommend the use of the support profile. There is also an extensive selection of support pillars, device rails, rear panels and accessories available for individual workstations. The support pillars here are mounted onto the...

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Planning expertise Making workspace work Demanding and flexible production and logistics concepts place continuously increasing requirements on workplace design. To remain competitive, Lista has met these new challenges and offers a complete package for the economic planning of manual workstations. During in-depth consultations, the company's workflows and production methods are analysed, and a workplace concept, which is perfectly adapted to the customer's specifications and requirements, is created using modern computer-aided processes. Planning results are supported by simulations and...

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Workbenches & workstation systems Lista specialists design optimal working environments. Their experience as well as knowledge of ergonomics and time management enables optimum integration of workstations into the value stream system.

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Humans are a standard Mobility Essentially, assembly workstations should be designed to enable sitting as well as standing positions. If it is not possible to alternate between sitting and standing positions, a sitting posture is preferable. Sitting or standing position? Optimally: n Two to four changes in posture per hour n Standing phases not longer than 20 minutes n Avoid static sitting and standing positions Maximum: n Two hours continuously in a sitting position n One hour continuously in a standing position Working height The working height - whether work is carried out standing or...

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Space within reach Based on average human body dimensions, there are four access zones on the table worktop with different priorities: 1 - orking centre: W both hands work in the direct field of vision 2 - xtended working centre: E both hands reach all areas of this zone Workbenches & workstation systems 3 - ne-hand zone: O parts and tools are within easy reach of one hand 4 - xtended one-hand zone: E outermost usable zone Optimum arrangement of grab containers in zone 2 and 3 right beside the workpiece Visual working area Proper vision Frequent head and eye movements lead to constant...

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Extensive choice of free product colours 12 standard colours, 6 colour combinations All products with colour variations are available in 12 standard colours and 6 colour combinations at no additional charge. The three-digit colour code (e.g. 010) is part of the item number. Always add the desired colour code when submitting your order (e.g. 70.701.010). Housings and drawers can also be ordered in different colours. All workbenches and workstation systems also be ordered and configured in an ESD version. Benefits n mpact- and abrasion-resistant housing surface thanks I to environmentally...

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An additional 12 pre-defined colours are available with surcharge .120 Pale grey RAL 7035 Metallic grey NCS S 6502-B Pale grey RAL 7035 Ruby red RAL 3003 Note The colour of the workbench feet matches the colour of the drawer cabinet housing (e.g. ruby red RAL 3003 for .522). Pale grey RAL 7035 Signal blue RAL 5005 Metallic grey NCS S 6502-B Pale grey RAL 7035 Workbenches & workstation systems Ruby red RAL 3003 Metallic grey NCS S 6502-B Your choice of colour on request Lista can meet any specific colour request. In addition to the existing standard and pre-defined colours, it is also...

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Workbenches Flexible efficient and resilient Thanks to the wide range of combination options, every workstation can be practically equipped with workbenches in a space-saving way. The combinable workbench tops, drawers and equipment cabinets, vices and rear panels can be organised to create optimum working conditions, always taking into account the latest findings in ergonomics. A modular system: flexible options, high load-bearing capacity and excellent ergonomics for many requirements. Benefits n Solid construction for high loads up to 3t n Modular system with numerous configuration...

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