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Drawer storage walls Drawer storage walls tt.Hl -

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Drawer storage walls

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Product benefits Colours Configuration instructions Freely configurable shelving depth 27 E Planning information Side frames Stabilising elements Separate components 36 x 27 E Separate components 54 x 27 E Freely configurable shelving depth 36 E Planning information Side frames Stabilising elements Separate components 36 x 36 E Separate components 45 x 36 E Separate components 54 x 36 E Separate components 64 x 36 E Separate components 78 x 36 E Partition material and accessories Hinged doors Hinged doors with viewing windows

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Drawer storage walls Efficient storage for the most demanding requirements The drawer wall combines all the benefits of a drawer cabinet with those of shelving units. Drawers, pull-out and adjustable shelves can be combined flexibly to create a multitude of different installations. Necessary changes can be carried out by simply reconfiguring the individual elements. Thanks to the variety of system elements available, installations can be created to match your logistic systems. For numbered storage or IT-managed put-away logic, drawer walls allow you to organise things perfectly....

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Drawer storage walls The Lista drawer walls combine the benefits of a drawer cabinet with those of a shelving unit. In addition, the units can be configured exactly the way you want them because the system is modular and can be extended.

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Drawer storage walls Space-saving roller shutters Benefits n he right storage option and partitions for every T type of item n Quiet and easy to operate n p to 8.50 m high, can be over several stories U Up to 8.50 m high over several stories A system that grows with you Flexible options for the most demanding requirements Side frames Extremely stable vertical side frames enable drawer walls to support heavy loads. At the end of a row of shelving units the frames can be covered by a side panel if needed. Fully extensible drawers The differential pull-out without a cross-bar ensures perfectly...

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Kopendium 2-Shelves of drawers - 8

Pull-out shelves and heavy-duty pull-out shelves Are used to store heavy components and assemblies which can be laid flat for storage thanks to the use of metal sheet inserts with handles to pull them out. The load capacity can be selected (75 kg or 200 kg). The heavy-duty pull-out shelves are up to the task even with very heavy loads, with exceptionally quiet movement for a load capacity of up to 350 kg. Partial and full-height vertical pull-outs. To store in a hanging position and protect predefined tools, vertical pull-outs can also be equipped with storage shelves, perforated boards and...

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Kopendium 2-Shelves of drawers - 9

Drawer storage walls Organisation and multiple configurations Well-organised and ideal use of space Partition material The drawer partition material is standardised and so can be used across our entire range. Lista can supply suitable sets for each drawer size. Lista Script Using the advanced Lista Script labelling system, all Lista products and most partition materials can be simply and clearly labelled. Benefits n peed up working processes thanks to S perfect organisation and labelling n igh storage volumes in small areas H n lexibly configurable thanks to F standardised sizes n abelling...

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Extensive choice of free product colours 12 standard colours Benefits n mpact- and abrasion-resistant housing I surface thanks to environmentally friendly powder coating n otal corrosion protection of drawers T thanks to electrophoretic dip-painting An additional 12 pre-defined colours are available at additional cost .120 Your choice of colour on request Lista can meet any specific colour request. In addition to the existing standard and pre-defined colours, it is also possible to manufacture your desired product in any colour you choose. These colour samples may deviate from the original...

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Drawer storage walls Configuration instructions Individual combinations of drawer storage walls D Depth in Lista Units You can opt for the drawer walls in both 27 E and 36 E depths (depths of 553 or 706 mm). Lista Units (E) are a practical way of referring to standard dimensions to see which additions and inserts belong where. Partition material and accessories The partition material is most easily ordered as a set. For NC storage systems the drawers can also be equipped with tool holders. The vertical pull-outs can be fitted out with the relevant accessories to accommodate the storage of...

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Kopendium 2-Shelves of drawers - 12

Drawer storage walls Width is given in Lista Units (shelves, drawers and pull-outs) There are a total of 5 widths between 36 E and 78 E (widths between 664 and 1378 mm) to choose from. The necessary quantity of universal shelves (screwed on) can be seen in the planning instructions on pages 1842-  85 (27 E depth) or pages 202    05 (36 E depth). Depending on 1 -2 the unit widths and the depth of the frame, pull-out and adjustable shelves (which are suspended) can also be chosen. To install drawers with single and double safety catches, you will need side panels with a closing profile....

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Drawer storage walls D Lista Units Drawer storage walls Depth 27 E 200 Colours 12 standard colours and 12 additional colours available (with surcharge). When ordering, please use the desired three-digit colour code (instead of XXX). Custom colours on request. For colour information see fold-out

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Installed and usable depths Adjustable shelves Pull-out shelves Drawers Universal shelves Hinged door Sliding door Roller shutter Safety ladder 1 closing profile is double-sided

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Lista Units Planning information Dimensions and loading capacities Diagonal brace arrangement The load capacities are only valid if, from 6 shelving sections or more, 2 shelving sections or at least every 5th shelving section have a rear wall, or every 3rd shelving section has a diagonal brace. From a shelf unit height of 2200 mm, an additional universal shelf is required as a mezzanine floor. In two-tier systems, diagonal braces or rear panels must be fitted in the lower tier in every 3rd shelving section. Anchoring rule All drawer wall units must be anchored. 1 anchor is included per...

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