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making workspace work

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Drawer cabinets ATTENTION: new locking systems! Find out more at www.lista.com/locks Drawer storage walls ATTENTION: new locking systems! Find out more at www.lista.com/locks NC storage and transport systems Workbenches and workstation systems Cabinet systems Shelving systems ATTENTION: discontinued product! Orders only on request. More information on successor products can be found here. Partitioning material & labelling systems

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A Success Story For more than 65 years At the age of 20 Alfred Lienhard set up his first workshop on 17 February 1945 as a qualified fitter. He produced simple tubular steel equipment, garden furniture and wardrobes, followed later by the first drawer cabinets. The successfully growing company based in Erlen in Switzerland focussed on furnishings for companies and warehouses. In the early 70's the son of the founder took the visionary decision to open up in the USA. Lista created a second business stream with office furniture. The first sales offices were created. The small fitter's...

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making workspace work In order to ensure stable succession, the company has today been split into the two areas of office furniture systems (now called Lista Office and owned by the Lienhard family) and workshop and warehouse furnishings. In 2006 the group of companies handling workshop and warehouse fittings was bought out by the Capvis investment company and strategically re-organised. Fredy A. Lienhard remains an important minority shareholder. In 2007 the close partnership with Thur Metall AG was created which ideally complements the production capacities of the Lista Group. Since...

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Quality Precision, experience and commitment Lista produces made-to-measure quality As a global company Lista has never forgotten the important values from the early days: a commitment to accuracy and an uncompromising focus on market needs. Quality also includes the concept of sustainability. Great attention is paid to the environmental impact and the useful lifetime of our products at every step in the value chain. Quality is at the core value of our production. In our plants, therefore, we work with care and only use top quality materials – mainly sheet steel – and the most up-to-date...

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A place for everything and everything in its place Lista tidies up Lista products belong everywhere that tidiness is needed. Tools, inventory items and small parts can be stored and easily retrieved, whether in small workshops or big industrial sheds, in museums, in research laboratories or in mobile container offices. The different products that Lista offers provide efficient use of space and rationalise important work processes. NC storage and transport systems are also available to provide you with logical solutions for the storage, transport and handling of NC tools. With our labelling...

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One theme, a thousand variations Lista in every workplace The requirements of modern workplaces and factories are as varied as the world of work itself. Therefore Lista systems are made to be flexible and adaptable. In industrial locations drawers often need to be capable of supporting very heavy loads. In smaller workshops the necessary load-bearing strength may be lower. And a warehouse full of valuable archaeological finds needs a high level of security. Uncompromising quality and flexible development with practical functionality enable trouble-free adaptation to changing requirements....

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Better safe than sorry Controlled access The more important the tools, materials or other items which are stored in a workplace, the more critical it is to be able to ensure their availability at all times. Lista has developed a wide-ranging and intelligent system to allow different levels of access and process controls. Lista's drawer systems and cabinets have always been lockable. Central locking which secures all drawers at once is now standard. With its broad range of innovative solutions Lista meets your needs for a configurable, lockable system. With these new electronic access...

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Lista currently produces drawer systems and workstation components in three production sites and sells them worldwide through the trade and their own sales subsidiaries. Analysis of requirements In discussion with customers their individual requirements are defined and the on-site conditions are assessed. Optimisation and Planning All the possibilities for optimising storage are defined and a plan is drawn up, which includes factors such as available space, products and systems. Installation and training Experienced technicians are always on-site to project manage and to train employees....

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Analysis and advice With over 65 years experience, Lista has gaiomers and is now one of the leaders in this sector. Special requests are not a problem for Lista, our wide-ranging experience helps to arrive quickly at a practical solution. Planning As a leading supplier of workshop and warehouse furnishings, Lista turns simple spaces into functional workspaces, in line with our motto "making workspace work". Implementation Our advice and service skills guarantee that the work areas and spaces equipped by Lista will be optimally organised to suit your purposes, from project planning through...

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When constructing aircraft the mobile storage of tools is an important factor. Airbus, Hamburg (DE) " Efficiency and productivity are top of the list in our manufacturing plant for exhaust turbochargers. The rule is to get rid of any kind of waste. Part of that, of course, is well-organised storage of the tools and equipment needed in the workshop. Lista cabinet systems meet our most demanding requirements." Thomas M. Geiger, General Manager ABB Turbo Systems Ltd., Klingnau (CH) " Perfect organisation and storage management speed up the working processes and let you concentrate on what is...

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"Precision and optimum organisation are critical. We are only as good as our suppliers." Volker Steeb, Production Manager Schuler Fahrzeugbau GmbH, Ebhausen (DE) "Perfect organisation is the basis for success. If you want to win at racing, then you can't lose any time in the workshop." Sebastian Eiselt, General Manager vita4one Racing Team, Herborn (DE) "Our materials store is organised and easy to follow. This is particularly crucial when working with paints." Hugo Fontana Fontana & Fontana AG Rapperswil-Jona (CH) The planning of optimum storage options for every kind of inventory was a...

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