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Drawer cabinets Drawer cabinets

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Drawer cabinets Drawer cabinets depth 27 E Pre-configured drawer cabinets 18 x 27 E (411 x 572 mm) 27 x 27 E (564 x 572 mm) 36 x 27 E (717 x 572 mm) 54 x 27 E (1023 x 572 mm) Freely configurable drawer cabinets 18 x 27 E (411 x 572 mm) 27 x 27 E (564 x 572 mm) 36 x 27 E (717 x 572 mm) 54 x 27 E (1023 x 572 mm) Cabinet accessories, components and spare parts Drawer cabinets depth 36 E Pre-configured drawer cabinets 18 x 36 E (411 x 725 mm) 27 x 36 E (564 x 725 mm) 36 x 36 E (717 x 725 mm) 45 x 36 E (870 x 725 mm) 54 x 36 E (1023 x 725 mm) 64 x 36 E (1193 x 725 mm) 78 x 36 E (1431 x 725 mm)...

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Drawer cabinets 75 / 200 Flexible, extensible, durable Lista sheet steel drawer cabinets offer made-to-measure top quality for professional use. Materials and work guarantee trouble-free installation and use, and maintain the value of your expensive inventories. The drawer cabinets come with a load-bearing capacity of 75 kg or 200 kg per drawer and so offer even greater flexibility for each type of inventory. The wide variety of drawer partition materials allows you to impose perfect order and organisation on the parts you store. Benefits n erfect use of space by using 100% of the available...

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Drawer cabinets The configuration options in terms of size, colour, locking, equipment and drawer partitions are almost unlimited. The two load-bearing categories also make the system even more flexible.

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Drawer cabinets Perfect usability Well thought out, carefully constructed 100% of volume is used Optimum shell heights The height of the drawer side and rear walls matches the fronts and guarantees maximum use of available volume (except for 125 mm H). This prevents loose storage items of small parts falling out. All are quickly accessible Drawers can be fully extended All cabinets offer full extension drawers throughout. This means that the available space is used down to the last square centimetre and the entire contents of the drawers are always visible and easily within reach. Ease of...

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Drawer cabinets Perfect organisation Optimum use of space Storing small parts (box inserts) Storing cylindrical items (troughs) Storing large and small parts (metal dividers) NC storage (tool holders) Storing special and measurement tools (PE foam inserts) Lista partition material The drawer partition materials are standardised and therefore are compatible with the entire range based on Lista Units. For partition material in ESD also see pages 734 and 736 Clearly labelled Lista Script All Lista drawers can be easily, cleanly, clearly and indelibly labelled thanks to the handle with viewing...

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Locking systems Open and close with the right option for you By prevention of unauthorised access to inventory you achieve a noticeable reduction in shrinkage and a significant cost saving. Code Lock Remote Lock / Remote Lock Mobile Separate locking Combined locking The standard locking system with replaceable cylinders makes it simple to adapt to existing locking systems. The lock secures all drawers at once. Key Lock locking methods: Here the lock is replaced by a numeric combination. A simple four to six digit combination is all that is needed to open drawer cabinets. Remote Lock and...

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Drawer cabinets Safety General safety for every implementation Single drawer blocking as standard Drawer front Safety catches on drawers The single-drawer blocking system blocks all other drawers when one drawer is pulled open. This prevents the cabinet from tipping over. In addition, the smart locking system allows you to move the drawers around into a different arrangement at any time. All drawer handles come with side covers and sit snugly within the front profile of the cabinet housing. They not only look good but also avoid any injuries. The safety catch complies with all regulations...

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Flexible and extensible Well thought-out into the finest detail Punch out All housing covers come with pre-perforated holes. The inventory items are protected from dirt and liquid spills by the closed upper side of the housing. If necessary, the holes can be punched out and the drawer cabinet can be retro-fitted with a table top, or a second drawer cabinet can be fixed on top of it. Base/Fork-lift base Using the base, the height of the drawer cabinet can be adjusted. Drawer cabinets from width 36 E can also be supplied with a base which enables lifting and moving the loaded cabinet using a...

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Drawer cabinets Simple identification and re-ordering thanks to the product coding ArtikelNr 3046482 Using the customer order number all the details of your products can be retrieved. Housing product code Here you can read off the product dimensions in mm. Production date Two labels on the base of the housing provide all the product information. Label 1 provides the customer order number and the line number. This information is needed for ordering replacement parts at a later date. Information about the product code, the external dimensions and the production date are found on the second...

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Drawer cabinets Design diversity A suitable solution to every need The configuration options in terms of size, equipment, locking, colour and drawer partitions are almost unlimited. For every working environment the drawer cabinets can be combined in a different arrangement to deliver optimal usage of the available space. They can always be extended, which means they have a long useful life. This increases the return on investment. Configuration as a drawer cabinet Configuration as a drawer cabinet with internal hinged door, pull-out and adjustable shelves Configuration as a drawer cabinet...

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Drawer cabinets Extensive choice of free product colours 12 standard colours, 6 colour combinations All products with colour variations are available in 12 standard colours and 6 colour combinations at no additional charge. The three-digit colour code (e.g. 010) is part of the item number. Always add the desired colour code when submitting your order (e.g. 70.701.010). Housings and Drawers can also be ordered in different colours. Pale grey RAL 7035 Pale blue RAL 5012 Pale grey RAL 7035 Signal blue RAL 5005 Pale grey RAL 7035 Metallic grey NCS S 6502-B Metallic grey NCS S 6502-B Pale grey...

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