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making workspace work Access control systems making workspace work

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Access control systems Electronic access control for added security Where different levels of security and access rights are crucial; LISTA's variety of access control systems offer the perfect solution. Stock access can be granted to an entire cabinet or limited to an individual drawer of even an individual compartment. Special control system software allows for multiple access levels within the same cabinet. Each system is used exactly where it is really needed. No more product shrinkage Flexible assignment of rights Using LISTA LPC, access rights can be assigned to individual drawer...

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The various systems enable the level of security to be easily adjusted to reflect the importance of the inventory items, and production downtime can be avoided. LISTA Service Always the best advice from LISTA Analysis of requirements In discussion with customers, each customer's individual requirements are defined, and the on-site conditions are assessed. Optimisation and Planning All the options for optimising storage are defined and a plan is drawn up, which takes all the factors into account, such as available space, products and system. All the important aspects such as fire prevention,...

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LISTA Electronic Control The modular system for internal logistics solutions Level 1 Security Access control at the level of the cabinet Access control at the level of the drawer Access control by compartment LCC – LISTA Cabinet Control LDC – LISTA Drawer Control LPC – LISTA Parts Control Electronically controlled access to the entire cabinet. Available for sizes 36 x 36 E (717 x 725 mm) 54 x 36 E (1023 x 725 mm) Electronically controlled access to specific individual drawers. Available for sizes 36 x 36 E (717 x 725 mm) 54 x 36 E (1023 x 725 mm) Electronically controlled access to specific...

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Access control systems Software Management and access LISTA E-Control Access control as a stand-alone solution LISTA E-Control is totally user friendly and offers all basic functions for secure access control. All users have their own password which is used to provide access to a defined group of areas of competence, depending on their level of responsibility. All handling, receipt and issue movements are recorded and can be tracked at any time. The autonomous system LEC products with LISTA E-Control software provide an overall package to enable easy access and materials management. The...

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making workspace work Electronic Control E-mail

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